Meadowhead and Gardens, Rishton.

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Added to PAF Database: January 1980
Meadowhead cottages in May 2001.
Meadowhead cottages in May 2001.
The Random stone of the cottage wall.

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Meadowhead BB1 4JS.

Meadow Gardens BB1 4RQ.

It is commonly though that the cottages found at Meadowhead were built for the mine that was right next-door.

The deeds to the cottages say that the building existed in 1841, but the pit shaft wasn’t sunk its 390 ft into the lower mountain region until the 1850’s. When the building was taken over in 1841 the cottages were in a state of abandonment, seemingly having been left for several years.

The entire block of cottages were purchased from the Dunkenhalgh estate in 1843 by a sole purchaser, which also included the lane to the front of the cottages, and the garden frontages.

The new owner lived in the cottage at the left hand side in the picture, on the end of the block. Fire within the Dunkenhalgh record offices stop us from finding out more about the cottages.

Toilets across from the cottages.
Toilets across from the cottages.
The Cottages as seen from the canal.

The original door to the cottage, in the top set of photographs, were on the right hand side of the building.

The buildings were built in random stone that looks like shale or ‘lonkey’ from the local quarries. Just to the right hand side of the photo is the header stone, or jobe stone, for a doorway. This has been bricked in, and covered with new render.

For many years (up to about the mid 1980’s) the cottages had no toilets. Po’s would have been used and carried out in the mornings.

Across from the cottages stood the toilet facilities. Up until their demolition the toilets were chemical.

Meadowhead Gardens are quite a hidden little block of houses, to find them you drive to the top of Henry Street, and turn onto an ash track, which was used to access the mine and brick works that were situated in this area.

As can be seen here during winter time the road can be quite treacherous, the little incline out of Meadowhead Gardens seemingly impossible to climb. The Gardens are on the left in picture.

Pony track to cottages in May 2001.

The track used to lead into the fields at the side of the cottages until the south side of Rishton was built during the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The farm is still there past the estate, but is now accessed via a different root.

The cottages back on to the canal, but the canal was built around the cottages, rather than the cottages built on the canal. The gardens at the rear are large, especially for cottages, giving the impression that land may have been ‘used’ after the canal was built.

The picture here shows the south side houses in the centre of the picture, and the large gardens of the cottages.

On the 18th February 1943, the Council resolved that a letter of protest should be addressed to the Ministry of Works regarding the erection of a building at Meadow Head without notification to or consultation with the officials of this Authority. Which building this was I have no idea about.


Mr and Mrs Dodd (Via Email and visitation)

House owners.

Council Minutes