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Added to PAF Database: January 1980
Noble Street looking to Blackburn from Mary Street July 2001.

Streets Off

  • Mary Street (left and right)
  • Eachill Road (left and right)

Right Hand Side (from the East)

  • Garages
  • End of terraced block (Mary Street)
  • 1 block of terraced houses (unnamed) containing 4 houses
  • Gateway to building
  • End of terraced block (Eachill Road) containing 2 houses
  • End of terraced block (Eachill Road)
  • Back Street for Eachill Road
  • Back Street for High Street

Left Hand Side (from the East)

  • Back Street for Walmsley Street
  • 1 block of terraced houses (unnamed) containing 6 houses
  • End of 6 Mary Street
  • Mary Court
  • 1 block of terraced houses (unnamed) containing 3 houses
  • 1 factory unit
  • former site of William Coleman's Stables and Coal yard.

Named after the stonemason from Rishton, I think it was Peter Noble, but I'm not sure!

Noble Street looking East July 2001.

Noble Street sits behind High Street and runs from Eachill Road, crossing Mary Street, and finishes at the rear of the Rishton Legion Club in a Cul De Sac, It never quite made it to Walmsley Street!

At the top of the street, once it has crossed Eachill Road the street narrows down to a cobbled back alley. Through this can be found the former stables of William Coleman, who with his wife, once ran a coal and haulage business and lived on Mary Street, on the corner of Noble Street.