Saint Charles Road, Rishton.

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Saint Charles Road

Streets Off

Left Hand Side (from Eachill Road)

  • Eachill Road

  • Occupation Road

  • Station Road

Right Hand Side (from Eachill Road)

  • Eachill Road

  • Maple Street

  • Station Road

Left Hand Side (from Eachill Road)

  • 6 semi detached Council houses

  • 1 block of red brick garden fronted terraced houses (unnamed) containing 13? houses

  • Back Street for Station Road

  • End block of terraced house (from Station Road) containing 1 house

Right Hand Side (from Eachill Road)

  • Corner shop (formerly Co-op)

  • 1 block of red brick terraced houses (unnamed) containing 10? houses

  • Saint Charles roman Catholic School

  • Saint Charles Roman Catholic Church

Named after the Church which runs down half its street length, it joins up with Eachill Road at the bottom of the street, after starting from Station Road.

Halfway down the street, Maple Street cuts across the bottom of the school to join up with Knowles Street.

All the houses on the street are constructed out of red brick. The only exception to this is the house at the corner with Station road, which is part of the block of houses that run down toward the railway station.

Original planning permission was sought in 1925 from the Rishton Urban District Council to build 10 houses on this street. This was the block of red brick terrace houses seen in the picture on the right hand side.

In 1935, planning permission was granted for a block of 11 houses to be built by T. Robinson & Co.

1937 saw the road being made good, and the junction to Station road improved. The work was still not completed in 1939 though. On the 9th March 1939, A deputation was formed to approach the Minister of Health consisting of Councillor Thomlinson, the council clerk, and the town surveyor, after the minister disagreed to the execution of the street works in Eachill Road and Saint Charles Road. The junction with Station Road was altered again during the 1990's, being firstly narrowed, then a speed hump being put in on the junction to slow traffic down. The junction now twists slightly towards the direction of High Street.

Eachill Road street works was to be commenced once the loan sanction was received from the Minister of Health on the 6th April of the same year, but Saint Charles Road was not included in this loan. The work was finally ordered to be completed in September 1939.

The Post Office submitted an application to lay underground cables on Saint Charles Road, which was approved by the Council on the 18th May 1939.

It was resolved on the 8th February 1940, by Rishton Urban District Council, that the excess money borrowed for the Esplanade Gardens scheme of £933 11s 0d should be transferred to the unexercised loan sanctions for Saint Charles Road and Eachill Road Street Works.

The question of erecting a name plate was left in abeyance on the 11th June 1953, until the next estimates were considered.


Council Minutes.