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Station Road

Streets Off

Left Hand Side

Haworth Street

Knowles Street

Saint Charles Road

Pickup Road

Walmsley Avenue

Station Close

Right Hand Side

Highfield Road

Fletcher Road

Shawbrook Close

Station Close

Station Road

Left Hand Side (from High Street)

End of terraced block (West View, 1867) containing 1 house

Back Street for High Street (leads to Noble Street)

Vine House

Back Street to Haworth Street

End of terraced block (Haworth Street) containing two houses

Former Police station building

1 terraced block of four garden fronted houses (Crystal Place, 1908)

Saint Charles Roman Catholic Church

1 terraced block of garden fronted houses (unnamed) containing 6? houses

Side of garden to semi detached house on Pickup Road

Side of garden to semi detached house on Walmsley Avenue

Side of garden to semi detached house on Walmsley Avenue

Car park entrance for Rishton Arms

Rishton Arms Public House

Railway Station yard

Railway Station

Right Hand Side (from High Street)

Ingle Nook on Station Road in June 2001.

Side of Detached House on Blackburn Road

Back Street for Station Road

1 block of garden fronted terraced houses (West End Avenue, 1896) containing 13? houses

1 block of garden fronted terraced houses (Eachill View, 1897) containing 13? houses

3 sets of semi detached bungalows

rear of houses on Shawbrook Close

Side of end house on Station Close

Railway Station

Prior to 1885 and the introduction of the railway this was nothing more than a rough track, 18 feet wide and no pavements.

In this year the railway company widened the road by 3 feet, and constructed a path 6 feet wide on the Eastern side of the road.

 The road was soon taken over by the then local board, who extended the road even more, making the road 27 feet wide with pavements both sides spanning another 9 feet. This was at the same time as building began.

West End

It was at this time that the lamppost was donated by Mr. Thomas Seed at the end of the road, so people could find their way back into the town. The street lamps were replaced in October 1937, when the old lamps were removed from Lee Lane as part of the road widening scheme there.

On the 10th of January 1952, Councillor Lightbown raised the question of the lamp given some years ago by a member of a local family, and asked that the whereabouts of this lamp should be ascertained with a view to deciding upon its future use. The Surveyor was instructed to make enquiries into this matter.

On the corner of Station road and Blackburn Road sits a block of houses called West End. Looking at the picture shows how the block turns round the corner.

 The building dates back to 1867.

Vine House

There is then another house that sits rather forlornly before you reach Howarth Street. The house is named “Vine House” and sits in front of what was the stables of William Coleman's coal yard.

The house was given planning permission in October 2003 to be converted back into a residential property. At one point the building was used as a publishing house, and it is believed this is were the name "Vine" came from. The company was publishing religious publications, and was called "Vine Publishing". The company wanted to be called "Devine Publishing" but the Church authorities wouldn't allow this, and the word was shortened. The property was empty for two years before the planning application in 2003 was passed.

Crystal Place

The house has a nice lamp attached but I don’t know if this is original or not.

Numbers 9 to 15 are known locally as Crystal Place. Although not the first row of houses on Station road, the four houses run to the corner of Haworth Street, and Knowles Street, These houses were built in 1908. On the other side, toward Blackburn Road, is the now Lancashire County Council building, and formally the police station.

This building was built in 1892, well before the Lancashire County Council cam into being. I haven’t had chance to research this building as yet. It lies at the junction of Haworth Street.

Police Station

On the other side of Knowles Street is Saint Charles Church, the church is enclosed by Knowles Street, and Saint Charles Road, and has Saint Charles School behind it.

Moving across Saint Charles Road, there is a final block of houses that run down to Pickup Road. This block of houses isn’t named, but does appear to be built around the same time as the rest of Station Road. A picture of this block can be found at the bottom this page from 1910.

From the church tower

On the other side of Pickup Road, down to the Railway Station, and the Rishton Arms Public House, there used to be only fields until the mid 1970s when the South Side started to be built.

Crossing over the road and walking back up towards Blackburn Road, there are now a group of Bungalows up to the junction opposite Pickup Street. The little back street leads to the back of the cricket ground, this is called Fletcher Road.  From here the houses start.

Eachill View

The first block of houses is Eachill View. These were built in 1897. Both this block and West End Avenue are very grand blocks of terraces houses, both blocks contain about 13 houses with the central house on both blocks containing the date stone.

The peak of this can clearly be seen in both of the photos.

West End Avenue is numbered from 2 to 32. The two blocks are separated by Highfield road which runs round the back of west End Avenue, and back onto Blackburn Road.

At the end of the block are the start of the mill owners houses which run up the length of Blackburn Road to Highfield Road.

West End Avenue

The following two pictures show how Station Road has changed.

This first picture is taken from 1910, and the road has only been developed as far as the new Police Station, Saint Charles Church has yet to be fully developed, and there are no houses beyond this.

This second picture is taken during the 1990's, and shows the road fully developed.

Looking down Station Road from the Church Tower

West View on Station Road was built by John Heys, who was once the owner of Spring Mill on Spring Street. 

On the 8th January 1945, arrangements were made by Rishton Urban District Council for all night lighting in Spring Street, Cliff Street and Station Road.

Station Road 1910


Rishton Street Names by E. Furber. Published October 1995.

Rishton Urban District Council Minutes.