Walmsley Street, Rishton.

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Streets Off

Left Hand Side (from High Street)

Edward Street

Clarke Street

Albert Street

Right Hand Side (from High Street)

Haworth Street

Knowles Street

Left Hand Side (from High Street)

Side of the former Regal Cinema House

Back Street for High Street and Edward Street

1 block of terraced houses (unnamed) containing 1 house and clog shop

1 block of terraced shops (unnamed) containing 2 shops

Back Street for Edward Street and Clarke Street

End of terraced block (Clarke Street) containing 1 house

End of terraced block (Clarke Street)

Back Street for Clarke Street and Albert Street

1 block of terraced houses (unnamed) containing 4 houses

Walmsley Street play ground

Walmsley Street cottage (formerly pit house)

Walmsley Avenue track (over site of Rishton Colliery)

Right Hand Side (from High Street)

Side of Walmsley Public House, and rear entrance

Back Street to Walmsley Street and Noble Street

Rishton Legion Club

1 block of terraced houses (unnamed) containing 1 house and 1 shop

End of terrace block (Haworth Street)

Back Street for Haworth Street and Knowles Street

End of terraced block (Knowles Street)

Back Street for Knowles Street

1 industrial unit

1 factory

Buildings once belonging to Rishton colliery

Footpath to Walmsley Avenue

Walmsley Street July 2001

The first thing noticeable about Walmsley Street is that it is part tarmaced and part cobbled.

The street runs from the side of the Walmsley public house on High Street, and continues to the site of the former Rishton Colliery, interspersing Haworth Street, Knowles Street, Edward Street, Clarke Street, and Albert Street.

Numbers 2, 4, 6, and 8 Walmsley Street were demolished to make way for the legion club which was built in 1920.

At the top of Walmsley is a playground, at the side of the Methodist Church and School, which was formally a garage site with wood garages built on it.

In 1991 the Hyndburn borough council capped off the mine shifts for the colliery with the intention of extending Walmsley Street through to the Southside estate and Walmsley Avenue.

Top of Walmsley Street January 2001

This picture shows the cobbles at the top of Walmsley street leading to the old pit cottage.

John Peters Clog shop is based on Walmsley Street, as is a barbers shop, and several other little shops, all of which would have done great trade with the miners change of shift from the pit head.

Walmsley Street would have once been a busy, bustling street, with all the workers continually changing shift at the pit head. Almost every building along this street was a shop of some kind, some have survived, some haven't. The clog shop remains, the barbers, and next door the hairdressers, across the road a corner shop, and of course the British Legion club and Walmsley Inn for the thirsty workers!

On the original approved layout plan of 1973 for the Southside estate, there is a link road between Walmsley Avenue and Walmsley Street. This link road could not go ahead until the pit mine shafts had been filled in. In 1988 Hyndburn council obtained a compulsory purchase order this was so they could go ahead with the filling in of the shafts. The work to fill the shafts in started about the 17th June 1991, and completed in November that same year. Mr. Carroll for the technical services at Hyndburn council that maintained the project. Mr Carroll at that time was Based at Great Harwood town hall. The borough engineers dept was also involved.


Gordon Hartley.