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Brook Street Post Codes

  1 - 5   BB1 4LN
  7 - 55   BB1 4DL
    2 - 12 BB1 4LN
    14 - 70 BB1 4DL

Consists of six stone terraces

mill brook dated 1992, and the other five have no date stones.

There are 4 bungalows before reaching Cliff Street.

Upper Brook Street in July 2001

The name brook is obvious. Spaw brook runs, culverted down the centre of the street. Maps indicate it runs from the Reservoir, down the back of Summerset road through Grassmere Close etc which were built in 1989?

From the back of the Parish Church, Spaw brook crosses Harwood Road and down what is now Brook Street. Under the canal and keeping in line, down Talbot Street, again it must have been culverted when setting out the canal and Talbot Street, but for some reason after a short stone terrace there is a section of sloping land with the brook running through, now with allotments which can be seen. Before 2 more terraces were built and according to records the brook continues to the River Hyndburn.

Brook Street runs from Harwood Road to Spring Street, like Clifton Street parallel to it.

The upper section was once home to the Rishton Urban District Council Offices which were demolished in ????

A new block of flats were later built in the same place which are currently standing (April 2002).

Middle Section of Brook Street July 2001.

The old folks bungalows are at the bottom part of this section on the left hand side of the above picture, these were built on the site of the former council yard and go round facing Cliff Street, and also School Street like a big U shape.

The middle section of the street goes from Cliff Street down to Commercial Street, and houses Brook Street Chippy. The sign for the chippy is just about visible in at the bottom of the right hand block of houses.

Bottom of Brook Street July 2001.

The bottom section of Brook Street, like Clifton Street runs down to meet Spring Street.

At the bottom can be found the side of the old Spring Foundry, which was built on Spring Street, and on its upper corner at its junction with Commercial Street sits the Working Men's Club.

In 1936 the street lamp opposite the council offices was converted from a single mantle to a three mantle reflector lamp. This was done at the same time as all the lamps were changed on Cliff Street.


Council Minutes 1936

Rishton Street Names by E. Furber. Published October 1995.