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Datestone for Church View.

The 3 houses opposite the church are known as Church View. In the middle of the block, just below the eves of the roof is the name plaque, as seen here. The street was referred to as Church View, I can only assume that this was prior to the road being made up and adopted by the council.

Church Street in July 2001

The original council offices for the Rishton Urban District Council started life on Church Street, namely in number 4.

They then had the Council offices built in Brook Street, and moved out of number 4.

During the war, Noel Hellewell J. P. was chief warden, and the air raid wardens office was based on Church Street, possibly the same one which became council offices, or were council offices. Anyway, at the time there were very few telephones installed, telephone numbers only being in double figures on the Great Harwood exchange.

One day, George Thomlinson was home visiting his mother and family and was expecting a phone call. He called into the Wardens Office and explained to Noel that he was expecting this call, and he hoped he didn't mind but he had given this number. Noel said it was fine, and George said when the phone rang Noel should answer it, as it may be a nice surprise for him.

Church Street from High Street October 1995.

The phone duly rang and Noel answered, asking if he could help. The caller responded by asking to speak to Mr. Thomlinson, so Noel asks who the caller was. "This is Winston Churchill" came the voice, to which Noel replied, "Aye, n' if your Winston Churchill, I'm Montgomery", and was about to put the phone down when George snapped it from his hand!

MPs house on Church Street
The former Mps house for Rishton, found on Church Street.
The house as it looks on the 2nd June 2009.

Blackburn Corporation Electricity Undertaking were granted permission to lay underground electric cables on Blackburn Road and Church View (Church Street) in 1937.

Correspondence from the Clerk of the County Council was submitted on the 6th June 1945, stating that 4 Church View will be required for a few months and that it is not possible to give any indication as to the precise date of vacation. This was due to the building being used for War purposes, and the release of all official buildings. The Council Clerk was instructed to communicate with the County Council urging that, in view of the acute housing shortage, consideration should be given to an early release of the premises and stating that there is a definite applicant with a family for the house


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