Commercial Street, Rishton.

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Right Hand Side

  • Bank
  • St Peters and Paul's School building, built in 1883
  • 2 Terraced Blocks
  • 1 Terrace block with garden fronts named "Industrial Terrace" and built in 1894.
  • 1 Terraced block with garden fronts.
  • 3 houses attached to same block, built 1911.

Left Hand Side

  • Library
  • 2 terrace blocks
  • 1 terraced block with garden fronts named "Victoria Avenue" and built 1897
  • Baptist Church

Streets Off

  • High Street (both to the left and right)
  • School Street (both to the left and right)
  • Brook Street (both to the left and right)
  • Clifton Street (both to the left and right)
  • Lord Street (both to the left and right)
  • Danvers Street (both to the left and right)

The name Commercial Street was fitting because it did stand in the middle of the area of all the main shops and businesses.

After turning the corner from High Street and the corner shops side wall and the high streets back alleys a building was erected.

It was called the Emporium Central Co-op Department Stores. Plus there were 2 purpose built shops erected about 1910 â€" 11 St Charles and Stourton Street. 2 other positions included a butchers shop and a grocery shop, Hermitage and Harwood road.

Commercial Street emporium had 4 large shop fronts up to School Street. One building had separate windows and doors. First was the Butchers, with an Abattoir at the rear, Extra large double sided window shop, grocery and green grocery. Finally the Ladies outfitters which had it doors on the corner with a fancy entrance.

Then there were 2 large windows round the corner going up School street covering all ladies wear. Next gents Outfitters with made to measure suits, then confectionary's with a bakery behind. The entrance to the assembly rooms followed this and finally a fair sized bank.

The present community centre on the corner of School Street and Commercial Street was the double fronted ladies and gents shoe dept and the shop front on Commercial was the clog and repair dept.

Working Mens Club
Rishton Working Men's Club on Commercial Street in May 2001.
Date stone of 1891 for the Working men's club.

The present Co-op on High Street was once the furniture dept.

Rishton Working men’s Club is situated right in the centre of Commercial Street.

To my knowledge it is still one of the few clubs where women are not allowed. There have been some ferocious battles over the years with the national press getting involved with this argument, the fight for women's rights etc., but as far as I am aware they have held out.

Just a little back from this is the school that I attended from 1968 to 1971. Click Here for more details.

Victoria Terrace
Victoria Terrace on Commercial Street in May 2001.
Date stone for Victoria Terrace from 1887.

Further along Commercial Street is the Baptist Church. This is a red brick building built of Accrington NORI.

Just before this are the only two named blocks of houses on Commercial Street. They are neither at the end of the road or the start, which is unusual in itself.

Victoria Avenue, pictured here, is next to the Baptist church, and Lord Street, and is sited on the left hand side of the road when looking from High Street. The houses are numbered from 41 to 55.

Meanwhile Industrial Terrace is directly across from Victoria Avenue is numbered from 36 to 50.

Industrial Terrace
Industrial Terrace in May 2001.
Date stone for Industrial Terrace.

A group of young lads from Norden High School are pictured outside one of the houses “faggin it”. (I did tell them the photo was going on the internet!)

While taking the photo I was stood in front of Rishton’s Old Folk Centre. This has been in the town as long as I can remember! Just to the right hand side of me was Rishton Library, and the new Health Centre. These stand on the site of the former Co-op.

The last row of terraced houses on the right hand side before Danvers Street, and across the road from the Baptist Church, are garden fronted except for the last 3 houses. The former corner shop has a date stone over its door, which reads "H. K. 1911".

On the 29th December,  1918, A subsidence occurred on Commercial Street and Mr. R. D. Sanderson was killed in his home. No further information is available at the moment.

On the 21st May 1936, it was announced that the electric light at the corner of High Street and Commercial Street was to be converted to a pilot light.

In 2003, traffic calming measures were introduced in the form of "sleeping policemen" and the speed limit reduced to 20 miles per hour. There was no narrowing of the road involved.


Rishton Street Names by E. Furber. Published October 1995.