Danvers Street, Rishton.

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Added to PAF Database: January 1980
Danver Street in July 2001.

Post Code: BB1 4NA.

Danvers like Bridge Street was built in the early 1900s and both were unfinished roads that were eventually connected to Cliff Street when the council estate was built in 1948 linking up with the crescent style setup.

An unusual setting compared with the other streets.

Stone terraces either side.

Small block to the corner of Commercial Street

Side view of Baptist church and land

2 council bungalows built in the 1950s

Corner house

Largest crescent of 6 semis and 2 blocks 14 houses with huge central green.

The name Danvers is connected to Dunkenhalgh. Judge Walmsley son, also Thomas, born about 1574, and died on the 12th March 1642, married Elinor Danvers. Her father was Sir John Danvers of Dantsey in Wiltshire. He had two sons, and two daughters. John, the heir to the estate died young in April 1600. This left Thomas, the youngest son to claim sole rights.

His younger son after the death of his first wife married Mary, sister of Sir Richard Houghton, of York.

York Terrace on Danvers Street in the 2000.
York Terrace on Danver Street in July 2000.
Date stone for York Terrace.

Situated at the end of Commercial Street, and running East to West, Danvers Street creates the stop for Commercial Street. At its top end it joins Cliff Street, and the bottom it joins Spring Street.

Numbers 1 and 3 Danvers Street are built into the adjoining block of Spring Street, and do a 90 degree turn to run onto the Street.

Numbers 5 to 15 are called York Terrace, and are the first full block of houses on the Street. These houses were built in 1893, as can be seen from the name plaque here.

Across the road from York Terrace sits Clarence Terrace. These houses are numbered from 4 to 14, number 2 again being built on the same block of terraces as Spring Street.

These houses were built some 2 years after York Terrace in 1895.

Above these houses, and behind them are the “forgotten estate” owned by the Hyndburn Council.

Clarence Terrace on Danvers Street in 2000.
Clarence Terrace on Danver Street in 2000.
Date stone for Clarence Terrace.

The Council Clerk reported that notices had been served on the frontagers with respect to the making-up of private streets and passages abutting on the Sands Site and that he had received a communication from the Trustees of the Baptist Chapel asking the Council to bear the cost of making up that portion of Danvers Street which abuts on their property, on the 13th June 1946, as the building is used exclusively as a place of public worship. The charge of approximately £171 was borne by this Council.

On the 12th February 1953, An application was submitted from several tenants on Danvers Street, asking for permission to use the quadrangle on Monday, the 1st June, for the holding of a children's party in aid of celebrating Coronation day. Permission was granted.


Rishton Street Names by E. Furber. Published October 1995.