Norfolk Street, Rishton.

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None of the blocks of houses on this street have a date stone.

There is one block of Terrace housing facing a recreation ground.

Norfolk Street in July 2001.

The Duke of Norfolk is connected to the Petre family (spoken as Peter) through marriage.

This is probably the best-kept example of a cobbled street surface in Rishton. The cobbles look as if they have never been driven on.

There is a good chance that the sets used are all local stone, coming from either Cunliffe quarry, or Close Brow.

The houses were built the cheap way then. The fronts are of local stone, and the backs are built in red brick. The red brick was used to keep building costs down. Nowadays we would call builders for doing this! Part of the red brickwork can just be seen in the photo at the entrance to the back alley way to Harwood Road.

The street itself overlooks part of the recreation area, the remainder of the park runs round the end of the street.

On the 21st June 1951, The Council Clerk submitted a letter from the residents in Norfolk Street complaining of damage to their property by games being played by youths at the bottom of the Recreation Ground. The Council Surveyor was instructed to make progress with the laying of a concrete pitch and the mowing of all the grass where the grass is long, and that a portion of the ground be rolled and made suitable for cricket in positions away from the property. The Parks Sub-Committee were asked to meet regarding an age limit being placed upon children being allowed to play on the Recreation Ground and with regard to the prohibition of the playing of games on Sundays.


Rishton Street Names by E. Furber. Published October 1995.