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Sands Road in July 2001.

Sands Road is another of those little side streets that every body forgets about.

First named as Stourton Street, and later changed to Sands Road, according to early maps, as can be seen on this map from 1892.

The street, like most streets in this area is split in two parts across Spring Street. The Westerly part that can be seen here, leads to Sands Close.

Sands Close is the block of houses in the  background. These form part of the council housing estate built in the 1940's along with Cliff, Danver, and Bridge Streets.

There are a block of flats on the right hand side of Sands Road, just visible in the photo.

On the left hand side are a block of about 6 terraced houses.

Lower Sands Road in July 2001.

Across Spring Street directly facing is the other part of Sands Road.

This previously lead to a side door for one of the mills, this door and building have not been used for several years now since the mill shut down.

Sands Close was the only other barrage balloon site, at the end of Commercial Street, which I think were manned by both airmen and W. A. A. F. 's during the second World War.

Sands Retaining Walls: This work was proceeding, but certain adjustments were necessary to the entrance paths to Sands Close on the 14th June 1951. The Council Surveyor was authorised to return the front wall of the Close and re-adjust the steps and pathways at a cost not exceeding £15.

On the 11th June 1953, Council Members were requested to inspect the passage on Sands Close with a view to its closure to vehicular traffic, and that the matter be considered by Council in Committee.

On the 24th June 2020, Around 100 cannabis plants were found in Rishton. A SOPHISTICATED grow operation â€" home to around 100 cannabis plants â€" was found and dismantled.

A police spokesman said that the electrical supply to the property on Sands Road in Rishton was so over-passed, that an engineer had commented it would only have been a ‘matter of days’ before a serious fire occurred at the address.

The plants were ready for harvesting and cultivation.

Sgt Nigel Hindle from the NHPT said” These cannabis factories present a real threat to the local communities. They fund the operations of organised crime groups, their associated violence and the trafficking of other drugs within the community including exploiting children as part of their criminal enterprise. They also represent a serious fire risk as has been shown in this instance and we were fortunate to have located and prevented damage to the property or worse harm to any persons.”


Frank Watson (via Email)

LET 24th June 2020.