Shuttleworth Street, Rishton.

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Shuttleworth Street
Shuttleworth Street West in May 2001.

A stone terrace on each side leading to a terrace area known as the sands, With a sand hill leading you to Cliff Street. A clay soil area back in history as the Dunkenhalgh estate brick making site.

Shuttleworth Street was a barrage balloon site during the second World War.

During the civil war troops belonging to Colonel Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe Hall were stationed at the Dunkenhalgh, being good friends with the then owner.

Lord Derby's force was retreated to Padiham on hearing that Col Shuttleworth had been told to rally the county against him.

According to records Judge Walmsley who bought the Dunkenhalgh estate from the Talbot's in 1581 married Ann Shuttleworth.

Shuttleworth Street
Shuttleworth Street looking East to the canal in May 2001.

Shuttleworth Street is split over Spring Street. The houses on Shuttleworth Street are all on the Westerly side of the street, the Easterly side being the entrance to the mill.

Numbers 1 to 11 are known as Britannia Terrace. I assume this was because they were so near to the Britannia Mill.

Numbers 2 to 10, on the opposite side of the street are called Jubilee Terrace.

This is another street that backs onto the Council estate built after the war, but unlike Livesey Street was never intended to go to Harwood Road.

Shuttleworth Street did run to Cliff Street though before all of Bridge Street was completed. This map of 1888 shows the route it took.

Shuttleworth was a popular name at one time, a lot of the weavers from times gone by were named after their trade of work and this is were the name originated from.

There was also a son of Rishton by this name.

The footpath on the South Side of Shuttleworth Street was found to be  subsiding slightly on the 14th June 1951. The Council Surveyor was instructed to give attention to this footpath.

On the 14th January 1953, The Council Surveyor asked for the Committee's instructions regarding the carrying out of subsidence work which would affect the private paths leading to the houses. The Surveyor was instructed to proceed with the work and report back to the Committee particularly as regards any major subsidence which may be discovered when the work has been commenced.


Rishton Street names by E. Furber 1995.

Council Minutes 1953 - 54.