Stourton Street, Rishton.

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Consists of one long terrace, and originally one lower terrace.

Date stone pleasant view 1909.

Date stone
Date stone for Pleasant view block of terrace houses on Stourton Street, built in 1909.

Bloater Row is the name given to the houses on Stourton Street facing Norden High School. The row is officially known as Pleasant View and was built in 1909. This is the year after Cliff Street was completed.

It is interesting to note that this was one of the first streets to run from Cliff Street to Harwood Road, building had been completed along Cliff Street, and all the other streets were dutifully filled in.

The view prior to the school being built in 1940 would have been very “pleasant”. Even now behind the school are lovely green rolling fields up to the top of close brow, and away towards Preston.

Originally there was a lower section off Spring Street with the Sands in-between.

The Sands was formally a brick making site which became a housing estate in 1948, but Stourton and Livesey Streets were never connected.

The Surveyor submitted an estimate of 17/0d. per lin. ft. of frontage for the making up of the footpath on the south side of Stourton Street on the 12th November 1953. It was Resolvedâ€"That this and two other alternative prices be submitted to the frontagers for their decision.

Stourton Street
Stourton Street in July 2001.

A crescent style layout was used for the new estate cutting off the original streets, the lower end of Stourton Street becoming Sands Road, but Livesey Street remained unchanged.

The two separate sections caused early concern as to the whereabouts of the early door numbers.

In 1712, aged 15, Catherine Walmsley, the last of the Walmsleys, married Baron Petre, pronounced “Peter”. It is recorded that she received two marriage proposals on the same day, the other being Lord Charles Stourton.

Baron Petre died a year later whilst Catherine was pregnant with a son.

Lord Stourton renewed his marriage suit but because of the son (presumably) they didn’t marry till 1733, twenty years later


Rishton Street Names by E. Furber. Published October 1995.