Original Harwood Road, Rishton. 

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Harwood Road
Harwood Road from the New Inns, looking to Great Harwood in July 2004.

Driving in a big U from Wilpshire road round the New Inns will take you towards Great Harwood on Harwood Road.

The road changes it name at the Great Harwood boundary to Blackburn Old Road, which Rishton already has.

This is the second Harwood Road in Rishton, the main one, and the better known one runs through the middle of the town from the end of Lee Lane.

Application was made to the Lancashire County Council, for the road leading from the New Inns to Great Harwood to be classified as a non-secondary road in the County Council road list in 1939. A traffic survey was to be taken for 16 hours a day for 7 days. Great Harwood Urban District Council were to be bourne equally.

The Council Surveyor recieved a letter from the County Surveyor intimating that the length of Harwood Road (from New Inns to the boundary with Great Harwood) would be included in the Unclassified Secondary Roads Schedule as and from the 1st April, 1942.