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Wilpshire Road.

This line of trees runs across the top of Close Brow, following the road that roads up the hill known as Wilpshire Road. They are also known as the Landmark Trees, this was due to the soldiers returning home from war. They would travel home on the train, and when they could see the line of tops on the hilltop, they knew they were nearly home.

From New Inns

The trees on the right of the picture were originally planted in 1819, and were commonly shown on OS maps as 'Top O' th' Heights'.

Many of the original trees died but were replaced as part of the Coronation Celebrations of King George VI in 1937.

Top 'O th Heights taken from Tottleworth Road December 2000.

This modern photo taken in December 2000 from Tottleworth Road shows quite clearly the trees at Top O’ th’ Heights.

In November 2003 it was proposed by the Rishton Prospects Panel, that the trees were to be spruced and replaced were necessary. The total area consists of 1.7 hectares, and 2,000 trees were to be used in the replacement.

Work was to be completed in early January, with donations coming from the forestry commission, and the organising being carried out by the Rishton Prospects Panel.

The plans were delayed though by the Dunkenhalgh Estate Managers, Ingham and Yorke, when specific terms and conditions were laid down by the land user, Dunscar Farm, and the Estate, for compensation of loss of land, amongst other things!!! The entire project was suspended until matters were resolved.

Top O th Heights in June 2004.


Prospect Minutes.