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Aerial view of the South Side estate.

Left hand Side (Facing East)

Right Hand Side

Walmsley Avenue from Station Road in July 2001.

Built in the mid 1970’s the houses on this estate were previous fields. The estate took over 10 years to complete, and Walmsley Avenue is the only entrance and exit to the entire estate.

At first the building contractors was Frankland's, but after the company folded Rawlings took over the construction of the estate.

As you drive down the Road Ash Close is on the left hand side, with Beech Close opposite.

Cedar Close is on the right hand side, closely followed by Petre Crescent which leads off to Rishton Golf Club.

POLICE were investigating a spate of suspected cat poisonings in Rishton in June 1998. Around half a dozen pets have become ill and been taken to vets by distressed owners from the Walmsley Avenue, Station Road and Shaw Brook Close area.

Walmsley Avenue in July 1997

Inspector Bob Ford of Great Harwood police said: "The symptoms appear to be consistent with some sort of poisoning, but we have no idea what the cause is. There is a thought it could be linked to the use of things like weed killer, either in domestic gardens or elsewhere."

Police were liaising with the R. S. P. C. A. and British Transport Police regarding a possible spillage on the nearby railway line, and Hyndburn environmental health department.

Inspector Ford added: "We acknowledge the distress it causes cat owners. There is always the possibility that whatever is causing the problem for cats could be available to children, which is obviously of great concern, and we are doing all we can to establish the cause."

Most of the cats affected were still being treated.

Mr Roberts, a leading fire-fighter at Blackburn fire station, said: "They were both showing exactly the same symptoms. He didn't hold out much hope for them. I was concerned enough to think someone was perhaps using something somewhere in the vicinity so I rang the police and they told me there had been a number of incidents in the immediate area."

Forgotton Road and Looking West 2001

On the original approved layout plan of 1973 for the Southside estate, there is a link road between Walmsley Avenue and Walmsley Street. This link road could not go ahead until the pit mine shafts had been filled in. In 1988 Hyndburn council obtained a compulsory purchase order this was so they could go ahead with the filling in of the shafts. The work to fill the shafts in started about the 17th June 1991, and completed in November that same year. Mr. Carroll for the technical services at Hyndburn council that maintained the project. Mr Carroll at that time was Based at Great Harwood town hall. The borough engineers dept was also involved. The Council received a grant of 130,000 for the link road to be completed, which according to papers should have been completed by 1993, but a lot of this money was lost by the road never being completed.

On the 13th September 2002, the Rishton Area Council announced that in relation to plans to build additional housing on this estate, it was reported that this would only consist of nine further properties and this did not constitute the development of a link road, although the situation would be monitored. He indicated that no road humps would be removed as regulations required a minimum distance between them.


Area Council Minutes

Lancashire Evening Telegraph, June 1998.

Gordon Hartley