Cutt Lane, Rishton.

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Was this lane formally known as Cutte leach? The word leach meaning stream, or pool in a boggy land. It is from the reservoir that the area takes its name. The reservoir was once a hollow marsh before being flooded with water for the canal, and the Saxon word for this is CUTTLACHE.

Cut Lane in July 2001

Cut Lane leads to the farms out toward the Leeds and Liverpool canal, and is part of the walks around Rishton.

The lane was previously spelt with two "T"s making it Cutt Lane, but in 1954 a row erupted over the spelling of the street name. Residents said that they had spelt the name with two T's as long as they could remember, but a new street sign being erected by the council had dropped one of the T's off the end of Cutt. A thorough investigation was carried out by two of the Rishton Councillors, who said they could find no evidence of it ever being spelt with the two T's at any time in its history, and so the sign stayed. This of course wasn't correct as can be seen from the original meaning of the name from Cuttlache - spelt with two "T's". It appears that it was just another council get out clause!

Several debates have arisen about Cut Lane over the years, not least if both Somerset Road and the recent new estate should be allowed access onto it. Both have been refused, and walkways onto the lane have been created.

In 1874 Mrs. Ann Blackburn wove her final piece in a cottage in Cut Lane. She seems to have been the last Rishtonian to follow an occupation which had employed a large number of Lancashire men and women for many generations. I have been told that the Methodists minister at that time was presented the clothe, and he had it sent away to be made into a shirt. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this shirt, I would be grateful!

The Council surveyor was instructed to removed the existing kerb on the West corner of Cutt Lane and relay the same to the correct street line in accordance with the intended future width of Cutt Lane, namely 36 feet. This was on the 2nd July 1936. He was also instructed to arrange to have the lamp standard on the West corner of Cutt Lane removed to a new position on the East side of Cutt Lane.

In November 1937 a demolition order was granted by Rishton Urban District Council to demolish Rose Cottage.

One of the very first things that you will see when driving into Rishton from Blackburn on the A678 is the red telephone box situated on the corner of Cut Lane, and also visible in the above photograph.

Correspondence was received by Rishton Urban District Council, from Mr. G. C. Gilbert on the 17th April 1941, concerning the renovation of a cottage in Cutt Lane. Sanction was not given in view of the fact that a demolition order applied to the property concerned.

On the 16th April 1942, the Council resolved that the frontagers on Cutt Lane, not being a highway repairable by the inhabitants at large, be approached with a view to promoting a unanimous request on their part for temporary repairs to be effected to the surface of the road. On the 10th December 1942, The Council Surveyor reported that the temporary repair work in Cutt Lane had been completed and that he had prepared the final apportionment of the cost of the work.

The Sanitary Inspector was to make arrangements to fix a trial waste paper receptacle to the bus stop at Cutt Lane on the 8th February 1945.

The Council Clerk submitted a letter from the Head Postmaster regarding the action taken by him to endeavour to eliminate the cause of the stamps sticking in the machine at Cutt Lane on the 13th March 1952.


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