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Esplanade circa 1950.

Post Code: BB1 4BL.

Streets Off (travelling to Blackburn)

Right Hand Side (travelling towards Blackburn)

A Street in its own right, the esplanade is probably better known for its flower gardens that lie before it.

The street runs parallel to Blackburn Road, and goes from Sussex Road at the Blackburn end to Somerset Road towards the town centre.

The houses on the esplanade are much older than the estate than sits behind it. They are semi-detached houses with two storeys; each with their own gardens front and back.

In September 1935 the Dunkenhalgh estate gave the deed of gift for the Esplanade.

Mr. J. Gardner, one of the Inspectors from the Ministry of Health, was to visit Rishton for the purpose of inspecting the land on the Esplanade, it was announced on the 11th June 1936. On the 2nd July 1936, The Council surveyor read a letter from the Minister of Health informing the Council that the Minister had given consent following his visit, to the borrowing by the Urban District Council of Rishton of the sum of 704 for Street works in respect of the Esplanade Road. The Council clerk reported on the 9th July, that he had received sanction from the Ministry of health to borrow money for the works of sewerage in connection with the Esplanade. The Council resolved that they would wait 3 months before advertising for the loan.

In September 1937, The council surveyor presented a detailed drawing for proposed ornamental iron pillars and chains for the esplanade scheme. The council resolved that the provision of the posts and chains is held in abeyance for the time being, and the surveyor was to obtain and fix 6 inch by 12 inch stone edgings in place of the posts and chains. The stone edgings have since been replaced with concrete ones, and the pillars and chains never appeared.


On the 2nd June 1938, Quotations were received for the provision of guard rails to the 5 circular plots on the esplanade, it was resolved by the council that no further steps were to be taken regarding this provision.

The gardens were opened on the 3rd August 1938, at the same time as the improvements were carried out to the road on Lee Lane John R Booth was the then chair person of the buildings and highway committee who officially opened the site.

The picture on the right shows the esplanade gardens as seen from Blackburn Road.

Persons were interested in buying the vacant plots adjoining the esplanade in June 1939. The Council were advised to enter into new agreements with the assignee of the lease, such agreement to provide for payment of apportioned street works charges when property is erected and ready for occupation on the sites;

Esplanade 1960s

It was resolved on the 8th February 1940, by Rishton Urban District Council, that the excess money borrowed for the Esplanade Gardens scheme of 933 11s 0d should be transferred to the unexercised loan sanctions for Saint Charles Road and Eachill Road Street Works.

The members of the councils parks sub-committee submitted their report on the 27th September 1945, regarding the purchase of bulbs for the Esplanade, the War Memorial and Cutt Wood and that 8,000 bulbs were recommended to be purchased, in addition to the expending of the 25 given for Cutt Wood.

On the 10th July 1952, A suggestion from the Head Gardener for a Special Display during the spring of 1953 on the occasion of the Coronation was adopted and authority was given for the purchase of bulbs up to 30 in value.


Rishton Urban District Council minutes.