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Somerset Road from Cutt Wood park in July 2001.

This was originally known as Somerset Avenue when work first commenced. Work started on the Avenue in 1947, when numbers 1 and 5 were completed and moved into. I can only assume that at this time number 3 was still empty. Number 1 was first owned by Mr. Fred Bellas and Number 5 was owned by Mrs M Addison.

Number 1 Somerset Road became number 2, the Esplanade, and number 1 Somerset Road was never replaced.

Numbers 1 and 3 were built in 1928 by Richard Moore, and Fred Bellas son, Eric, still lived at number 3 in 2003. They say its a small world, Eric's daughters is married to the author of the Great Harwood Historical website!

Somerset Road looking towards Blackburn in July 2001.

The road stops at the lower entrance to cut wood park, with only a footpath between the road and park entrance. Vehicles are not allowed down the footpath at all.

The road starts from Blackburn Road at the side of the esplanade gardens, but has a give way junction onto the esplanade only 10 meters down its length. The esplanade is given right of way onto the road.

Somerset Road sweeps down the hill, passing Essex Road on its right hand side before doing a 90-degree turn at the bottom.

It then travels towards Blackburn running parallel with Blackburn Road until it reaches Cut Lane, and the footpath to the park.

Somerset Road from the Esplanade July 2001.

This last picture shows the give way junction which gives the esplanade right of way.


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