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Sussex Road in July 2001.

An application was submitted by the post office engineering department for the laying of an underground cable for a distance of approximately 16 yards in Sussex Road in April 1939. This was approved by Rishton Urban District Council.

This is possibly the start of construction on Sussex Road, a fact which is further confirmed by Frank in Australia, who tells me;

"Unless I have got my roads confused, I seem to remember going to a house owned by Mr Sagar, a teacher at the Harwood Rd school (St Peter & St Paul) in the year 1941 - 1942.The reason for going to his house was that he was moving to live and teach in a village called Wood Plumpton near Preston and I was taking some of teaching material from the school to his house. It was the first house on the left hand side as you left Blackburn Road, I think there was only about four houses in the road at that time.

On the 1st of June 1939, The Council Surveyor was instructed by Rishton Urban District Council, to obtain and fix a street name plate for Sussex Road.

By 1951 there were only numbers 1 and 2 occupied according to the Barrett's directory published that year. The entire estate was completed by the end of the 1950’s.

The 17th April 1952 saw planning applications submitted (6/8/98/1045) for a pair of semi-detached houses, with garages, at the corner of Blackburn Road and Sussex Road for Mr. M. Goudie and Mr. L. Hamm. Building Licences were issued to Messrs. Hamm and Goudie in respect of one pair of semi-detached houses at the corner of Blackburn Road and Sussex Road, the maximum selling price being fixed for each house at £2, 175.

On the 21st May 1953, Applications were received in respect of the proposed two houses in Sussex Road, each to cost £2,200. It was resolved that licences be granted for those sums exclusive of the cost of street works. Proposed plans were also submitted (plan numbers - 6/8/141/1094) for a pair of semi-detached houses, 2 and 4, Sussex Road, for Mr. J. McGovern and Messrs. Geo. Walsh & Sons, Ltd.

Sussex Road travels from Somerset Road up the hill to meet the Esplanade at the Blackburn end of town.


Frank Watson (via Email)

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