Ullswater Close, Rishton.

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Ullswater Close in July 2001.

Ullswater close was built about 1995 by Barrett's after the borough Council had denied planning permission and a European court battle had taken place over the planning permission. Needless to say Barrett's won, and the houses were duly built.

Ullswater Close can be found at the end of Church Street by simply driving straight on. Church Street develops into Ullswater.

The close was previously allotments used by the surrounding people. These allotments ran up the park from Norfolk Street.

A lot of green land has been used to build these houses, but the streets leading to them were already in place with open access giving the impression that the new roads were always going to be built.

In November 1998, A HERD of runaway cows caused chaos when they escaped from their field.

Neighbours on the Close heard the mooing at about 6.30am and drew back their curtains to find between 20 and 40 cows grazing on their lawns. The animals then moved off towards Whitebirk along Blackburn Road, where they held up the traffic.

The cows are thought to have escaped from a nearby field.

Forester Smith, a resident, said: "We couldn't believe it. All the gardens were full of cows munching on the trees, trampling over the grass and digging the lawns up. Some of the neighbours came out and shooed them away and they wandered off down Blackburn Road."

A Great Harwood police spokesman said: "We were flooded with calls from irate householders."


Lancashire Evening Telegraph 28th November 1998.