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There were a lot of Butchers shops in Rishton at one time, one by one they have all closed bar two, which are still open as of writing this page on the 7th April 2002. They are Peter Norman and Tom Duckworth's, both on the High Street, near to the Library.

See here find where they all were.

Butchers Shop Window in Rishton.
The Co-op Butchers window on Commercial Street. The butcher on the right is the grandfather of Vincent Holland, nephew to Billy Counsell, son of Thomas Counsell, John Hartley Garratt who was manager of the butcher's.

Okay, so here are all the foods available from a typical butchers shop in the town, and some of their uses. I am not going to mention the everyday joints of meat that we can buy, but waffle on about some of the more weird? bits that the butcher sold.

Black puddings, made from pigs stomachs, Spare ribs, the ribs of a lamb, or pig, lovely with mushy pea's, Bones for the dog, any size, any shape, Scrag ends, and shin beef were both cheap meats, used in stews, especially Lancashire Hot pot!

There was no such thing as waste, sausages were popular in pork or beef, and the meat was scraped from the bones, Mince meat was cheap, and burgers were unheard of.

A picture of Great Harwood's and Rishton's butcher.

If the meat started discolouring it would be cooked and used in potted beef, Chickens and ducks could be found hung in the window ready for plucking.

Pigs trotters went well with the tripe. If you were rich enough you could have the pigs head, something not allowed anymore.

Liver was popular because of its cost and was served with onions, kidneys were baked in steak and kidney puddings, or just in kidney pies, none of the offal was ever wasted.

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