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Among these links I am hoping to show a way of life which is unique to Rishton, the places are upon this site, which have brought back many memories, are only the tip of the iceberg.

People had their little quirks in Rishton, just like many other towns, but these quirks seem to have been passed down from generation to generation. People tell me their stories of Rishton, and I think, yes! I did that as well!

Did you know that the biggest single flag stone in Rishton is next to the Legion club?

So without further ado, here are some of the pages that I have created so far about Rishton life........

Brass Bands in Rishton All and any information I have found so far on the Bands of Rishton.
Facts about Rishton Interesting? Facts and figures from Rishtons History.
Rishton DialectThe way we talk is nowt to be ashamed of, as I'm sure ex-pats around the world and the UK have found!
The Fare bought from Chip Shops.

A brief idea about the food that people bought in Rishton.

Lancashire Fayre

Different foods which have been eaten in Rishton.

On Line Recipe Book.

With various local treats for you to make and eat.

Free Entertainment for Kids

What did you do when you had no money, as a child growing up in Rishton?


Why was washing hung out in the back street?

Water and Ice

Walking on the frozen lakes and canal.

Lancashire Dialect

The way we talk.

Tar Bubbles

Remember these?

Sports Pink

Remember this Saturday newspaper?

Butchers Food

So just what did a butchers shop sell apart from meat?


Local holidays and some national holidays.

Clogs and Clog-making

All you need to know about Clogs.

Donkey Stones

An old Lancashire Art, quickly dying out.

Rishton CreditHow goods were obtained without money.
Carnivals, Processions, & Festivals A brief history of carnivals which have been held in Rishton over the years.
Bonfires and Fireworks Learn about the various bonfires that have happened in Rishton.
Trouble in the Town Its not always plain sailing in the town.
Queens Honours to Rishton People who have been awarded by the Queen.
Teenagers Are they a problem for Rishton?
Cobbles Them things found in the roads and back streets
Racism In Rishton? Is there such a thing in Rishton?
Wildlife and Animals found round Rishton Some of the animals and Wildlife which can be found within the district of Rishton.