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Origins of modern postcodes

The postal reforms in 1840 and the rapid growth of London’s population led to a greater volume of letters.

Mail was often vaguely addressed which was a particular problem in London where many streets had the same name. In the 1850s, a committee on street names was established to consider renaming streets, but the plan did not meet with universal approval, especially not from wealthier families who lived in a street named after an ancestor. Not everyone, however, was against the changes and by the end of 1871 some 100,000 houses had been renumbered and 4,800 ‘areas’ renamed.

London postal districts

To accelerate further the delivery of mail in London, Sir Rowland Hill proposed a solution which involved dividing the capital into 10 separate postal districts. The districts would be denoted by the compass points, and an office established for each district. The original 10 districts - EC (Eastern Central), WC (Western Central), and then NW, N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, and W - were contained within a circle of 12 miles’ radius from central London. The public were asked to add the districts’ initials to the end of an address.

Hill’s plan was authorised in 1856 and implemented during 1857 and 1858. The scheme accelerated the circulation of London’s mail, particularly local letters which could now be sorted in the local office instead of having to be taken to the Chief Office in the centre of London. In 1866, following a report by Surveyor Anthony Trollope, better known today as a novelist, NE was not considered viable and was merged with E district. Two years later, S was abolished, and divided between SE and SW.

Regional districts

In the 1860s London was followed by other large towns. The initial of the town name was used (M for Manchester, and S for Sheffield for example) followed by a number to indicate the geographical district. Liverpool was the first provincial town to be divided into districts: Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern districts were created in 1864/65.

Manchester followed with eight districts in 1867/68, and by the early 1930s, Dublin, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle and Brighton had joined the scheme.

Numbering of sub-districts

In 1917, during the First World War, the London system was further refined by dividing the districts into sub-districts, still in use today. These were introduced to assist women sorters who had largely taken over sorting work from the men who had gone to war and so did not have the knowledge and experience those men had acquired over the years.

The sub-districts were each given a serial number (such as SW6 for Fulham). These formed a suffix to the district’s initials and were allocated in sequence. For example the Eastern District Office was E1, Bethnal Green was E2, Bow was E3, and so on.

Numbering outside London

In 1923, Glasgow became the first provincial city to adopt district numbering as well as district initials (G1, G2, G3, for example). However, the scheme had limited success due to few people using the district numbers.

In 1931, the Postmaster’s Surveyors of Leeds, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Belfast and Sheffield were asked to propose schemes for dividing the cities into numbered districts, provided they had support from local authorities. In January 1932, the proposals were approved by the Postmaster General and greater efforts were made to publicise the new districts. This was particularly effective in Glasgow and Leeds where all street signs were replaced with ones bearing the numbers.

Postcode trials

Due to the growth in mail volumes after the Second World War, it was realised that a nationwide post coding scheme was required to enable mail to be sorted automatically by machine. The first postcodes were introduced on a trial basis in Norwich in 1959 with the first three characters of the code (‘NOR’) representing the name of the city, and the last three characters a particular street. Larger firms and businesses received their own individual codes. Norwich had eight new sorting machines which were adapted so that operators could simply key in the postcode to sort letters to the postmen’s delivery rounds. However, the trial was not as successful as expected. Less than half of all letters posted bore codes, and it was found that greater division of the last three characters was needed.

Introduction of the current postcode system

By the early 1960s, the Post Office had started a major mechanisation programme designed to overcome the problems of labour-intensive sorting. The introduction of mechanical sorting depended on reducing the address to a machine-readable form - a code printed on the letter in phosphor dots which could be sensed by sorting equipment. A postcode system was developed from the Norwich trials, and the present system was introduced at Croydon in 1966. The task of coding the whole country was carried out in stages, and was finally completed in 1974 with the recoding of Norwich.


The current postcode consists of two main elements, the outward code (needed to sort from one town to another) and the inward code (required to sort within the town). Taking the postcode PO1 3AX, the outward code PO1 divides into the Area PO (of which there are 121 in the UK) and the District 1 (there being approximately 20 postcode districts in an area). The inward code 3AX divides into the Sector 3 (with approximately 300 addresses in a sector) and the Unit AX (with about 15 addresses per unit).


In 1985, after successful trials at Mount Pleasant, the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system was introduced nationally. This system automatically reads the postcode on printed addresses and prints the appropriate phosphorescent dots (codes) on to the envelope. It replaces the need for an operator to key in the postcode, and can handle letters at a much greater rate than a coding desk operator.

Later, the concept was to create equipment which could combine all the necessary processes into one machine.

Video coding was introduced to a number of Mail Centres in combination with OCR. Images of mail ‘pieces’ which were not able to be read by OCR received codes from operators by video link elsewhere in the same office. This led to more than 95% of UK mail being coded by these means. In 1995 a 4-State code was introduced where the postcode was printed in vertical bars made up of small dots, in pink rather than blue ink.

Integrated Mail Processors or I. M. P. 's were introduced in 1997 to improve the complete processing system. One machine now processes the mail from arrival in the Mail Centre to dispatch by road, rail or air. It does everything â€" culling, facing, coding, sorting and cancelling the mail.

Today, Address Interpretation technology adds to this.

Images of all mail which cannot be coded instantly by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) are then transmitted to another location (a Manual Data Entry Centre) and this eliminates local video coding.


I and O are not used in postcodes due to the similarity to the numbers one and zero.

Street Names - Alphabetically

Accrington RoadBB1 3LSOld Mother Redcap Inn. January 1980
Alan Critchlow WayBB1 4LB  December 1997
Albert StreetBB1 4JE  January 1980
Arterial Road (Whitebirk Drive)BB1 3HT  October 1984
Arundel StreetBB1 4DT  January 1980
Arundel StreetBB1 4DTSaint Peters and Saint Paul's School January 1980
Ash CloseBB1 4HH  January 1980
Ashworth StreetBB1 4JWDaisy hill Mill January 1980
Ashworth StreetBB1 4JW  January 1980
Back Wheatfield StreetBB1 4NQ  August 2005
Barn Meadow CrescentBB1 4PF  January 1980
Beech CloseBB1 4HL  January 1980
Blackburn Old RoadBB1 4ABHeight House Farm January 1980
Blackburn Old RoadBB1 4ABTan House Farm January 1980
Blackburn Old RoadBB1 4ABMickle Hey Farm January 1980
Blackburn Old RoadBB1 4ABWindy Bank Farm January 1980
Blackburn Old RoadBB1 4ABMiddle Mickle Hey Farm January 1980
Blackburn RoadBB1 4HDThe Wickets 1-3 January 1980
Blackburn RoadBB1 4EU11 - 73 January 1980
Blackburn RoadBB1 4ER75 - 12958January 1980
Blackburn RoadBB1 4AUWhitebirk North Cottage January 1980
Blackburn RoadBB1 4BH 50 - 56January 1980
Blackburn RoadBB1 4BSTurrets2 - 48January 1980
Blackburn RoadBB1 4HD1 - 7 January 1980
Blakewater RoadBB1 3HTMarshall Mercedes-Benz October 1984
Blakewater RoadBB1 3HPGreenbank Station October 2003
Blakewater RoadBB1 3HU  April 1987
Blakewater RoadBB1 3HTEvans Halshaw October 1984
Bridge StreetBB1 4LY  January 1980
Bridgefield CloseBB1 4LR  June 1999
Brook StreetBB1 4LN1 - 52 - 12January 1980
Brook StreetBB1 4DL7 - 5514 - 70January 1980
Burton StreetBB1 4PD  January 1980
Butler StreetBB1 4NN  January 1980
Cedar CloseBB1 4HJ  January 1980
Chapel StreetBB1 4NJChapel Flats January 1980
Chapel StreetBB1 4NP  January 1980
Church StreetBB1 4DD  January 1980
Churchill AvenueBB1 4AW  January 1980
Churchill AvenueBB1 4EY  January 1980
Churchill AvenueBB1 4AWMoorside Farm January 1980
Clarke StreetBB1 4JG  January 1980
Cliff StreetBB1 4EFConservative Club January 1980
Cliff StreetBB1 4EE27 - 7150 - 120January 1980
Cliff StreetBB1 4EF3 - 214 - 48January 1980
Clifton StreetBB1 4LW1 - 112 - 12January 1980
Clifton StreetBB1 4DW13 - 5114 - 38January 1980
Commercial StreetBB1 4NB  January 1980
Company StreetBB1 4JR  January 1980
Coniston WayBB1 4EH  January 1991
Cornwall RoadBB1 4DB  January 1980
Cowhill LaneBB1 4ASRose Cottage Farm January 1980
Cowhill LaneBB1 4ASCowhill Fold Farm January 1980
Cowhill LaneBB1 4ARWillis Farm January 1980
Cowhill LaneBB1 4AS  January 1980
Cut LaneBB1 4BQ  January 1980
Cut LaneBB1 4APCut Farm January 1980
Danver StreetBB1 4NA  January 1980
Derby StreetBB1 4NW  January 1980
Derwent CloseBB1 4EJ  January 1991
Devonshire RoadBB1 4BX  January 1980
Dorset RoadBB1 4BW  January 1980
Eachill GardensBB1 4HW  January 1980
Eachill RoadBB1 4HS  January 1980
Edward StreetBB1 4JQ  January 1980
Elm CloseBB1 4HN  January 1980
EsplanadeBB1 4BL  January 1980
Essex RoadBB1 4BY  January 1980
Fielding StreetBB1 4NR  January 1980
Fletcher RoadBB1 4HPRishton Cricket Club January 1980
Fletcher RoadBB1 4HP  January 1980
Frontier DriveBB1 3ALformally PC for Appleby Street September 2018
George Street / Bellow Back?BB1 4JF  January 1980
Gloucester RoadBB1 4BN  January 1980
Grassmere CloseBB1 4EL  January 1991
Hampshire RoadBB1 4DA  January 1980
Harwood RoadBB1 4DH3 - 93 January 1980
Harwood RoadBB1 4DJ 14 - 84January 1980
Harwood RoadBB1 4DZ 86 - 120January 1980
Harwood RoadBB1 4EA95 - 125 January 1980
Harwood RoadBB1 4EBNorden View January 1980
Harwood RoadBB1 4ALNorden Farm January 1980
Haworth StreetBB1 4HZ1 - 492 - 28January 1980
Haworth StreetBB1 4HU51 - 8930 - 64January 1980
Hawthorn DriveBB1 4HG  January 1980
Hawthorn DriveBB1 4HGGolf Club January 1980
Hawthorn DriveBB1 4JT  January 1980
Henry StreetBB1 4JJWillow Grange January 1980
Henry StreetBB1 4JJ  January 1980
Hermitage StreetBB1 4NLMaster Barn Farm January 1980
Hermitage StreetBB1 4NFHolt & Paper Mill January 1980
Hermitage StreetBB1 4ND  January 1980
Hermitage StreetBB1 4NDThe Hermitage January 1980
Hermitage StreetBB1 4NL  January 1980
Hicks TerraceBB1 4JH  January 1980
High StreetBB1 4LA 2 - 92bJanuary 1980
High StreetBB1 4JZ1 - 45 January 1980
High StreetBB1 4LAClinic (108) January 1980
High StreetBB1 4LQ 100 - 156January 1980
High StreetBB1 4LD51 - 157 January 1980
High StreetBB1 4JZBridge House January 1980
Highfield RoadBB1 4HB  January 1980
Holt StreetBB1 4PGPeters Row January 1990
Holt StreetBB1 4PB  January 1980
Holt StreetBB1 4PAHolt Farm January 1980
Howard StreetBB1 4DR  January 1980
James StreetBB1 4PE  January 1980
Knowles StreetBB1 4HTSaint Charles church & School January 1980
Knowles StreetBB1 4JA1 - 472 - 50January 1980
Knowles StreetBB1 4HT49 - 6552 - 90January 1980
Lee LaneBB1 4AJ  January 1980
Lee LaneBB6 7LXLidgett Hotel January 1980
Livesey StreetBB1 4DY 32 - 84January 1980
Livesey StreetBB1 4DXYork Mill August 1993
Livesey StreetBB1 4LS1 - 114 - 14January 1980
Lord StreetBB1 4DU  January 1980
Maple CrescentBB1 4RJ  February 1990
Mary StreetBB1 4HEMary Court January 1980
Mary StreetBB1 4RFAlbert Mill Unknown
Mary StreetBB1 4HY  January 1980
MeadowheadBB1 4JS  January 1980
Meadowhead DriveBB1 4RD  January 1983
Meadowhead GardensBB1 4RQ  February 1990
Noble StreetBB1 4HX  January 1980
Norden CourtBB1 4LQ  January 1980
Norfolk StreetBB1 4DS  January 1980
Oak CloseBB1 4JU  January 1980
Park RoadBB1 4NGPark View Nursery January 1980
Park RoadBB1 4NG  January 1980
Parker StreetBB1 4NYVictoria Mill January 1980
Parker StreetBB1 4NT  January 1980
Parker StreetBB1 4NYVictoria Villas January 1980
Parsonage RoadBB1 4AGBrooklandsHazeldeneJanuary 1980
Parsonage RoadBB1 4AGBecksideGlenettaJanuary 1980
Parsonage RoadBB1 4AGBurnsideIvy CottageJanuary 1980
Parsonage RoadBB1 4AGFern BankVerecroft BungalowJanuary 1980
Parsonage RoadBB1 4AG  January 1980
Parsonage RoadBB1 4AGCapernwrayRock HouseJanuary 1980
Parsonage RoadBB1 4AGCarfordRose CottageJanuary 1980
Parsonage RoadBB1 4AGVerecroft Shed January 1980
Parsonage RoadBB1 4ADLower Hen Moss Farm January 1980
Peel CenterBB1 3HT  October 1984
Peel CenterBB1 3NTCuryys PC World December 1996
Petre CrescentBB1 4RG67 - 89 January 1983
Petre CrescentBB1 4RB59 - 65 January 1980
Petre CrescentBB1 4RB1 - 372 - 64January 1980
Petre CrescentBB1 4RG39 - 5766 - 124January 1983
Petre CrescentBB1 4RH91 - 93 January 1983
Pickup RoadBB1 4HP  January 1980
Pine CloseBB1 4JX  October 1987
Poplar CloseBB1 4RA  January 1983
Reservoir SideBB1 4ET  January 1980
Saint Albans RoadBB1 4HA  January 1980
Saint Charles RoadBB1 4HR  January 1980
Saint Peter StreetBB1 4DG  January 1980
Sands CloseBB1 4LU  January 1980
Sands RoadBB1 4LT  January 1980
School StreetBB1 4LJ  January 1980
Shawbrook CloseBB1 4ES  April 1985
Shuttleworth StreetBB1 4LX  January 1980
Sidebeet LaneBB1 4ATLower Side Beet Farm January 1980
Sidebeet LaneBB1 4ATHigher Side Beet Croft January 1980
Somerset RoadBB1 4BP  January 1980
Spring GardensBB1 4LLBritannia Mill January 1980
Spring Street / Mis.. Y.. t LaneBB1 4LP77 - 14716 - 100 & Britannia HouseJanuary 1980
Spring Street / Mis.. Y.. t LaneBB1 4LLSpring Mill January 1980
Spring Street / Mis.. Y.. t LaneBB1 4LNColumbia Motors January 1980
Spring Street / Mis.. Y.. t LaneBB1 4LL1 - 75a2 - 14January 1980
Station CloseBB1 4PH  January 1992
Station RoadBB1 4HF  January 1980
Station RoadBB1 4HFRishton Arms January 1980
Stourton StreetBB1 4ED  January 1980
Sussex RoadBB1 4BJ  January 1980
Sycamore CloseBB1 4JY  March 1982
Talbot StreetBB1 4NZ  January 1980
Thomlinson PlaceBB1 4AZ  January 2018
Thomlinson PlaceBB1 4AY  October 2017
Thornhill AvenueBB1 4EZ  January 1980
Tottleworth RoadBB1 4ANManor House Farm January 1980
Tottleworth RoadBB1 4AN  January 1980
Trident WayBB1 3NU  January 2003
Ullswater CloseBB1 4EP  January 1991
Ulveston DriveBB1 4EN  January 1991
Victoria StreetBB1 4JN  January 1980
Walmsley AvenueBB1 4HQ1 - 272 - 20January 1980
Walmsley AvenueBB1 4RE29 - 8120a - 36January 1980
Walmsley StreetBB1 4JD  January 1980
Walmsley StreetBB1 4JB  January 1980
Walmsley StreetBB1 4JDWalmsley Cottages January 1980
Well StreetBB1 4LH  Unknown
Westwood AvenueBB1 4BZ  January 1980
Wharf StreetBB1 4NS  January 1980
Wheatfield StreetBB1 4NUWheatfield Mill Unknown
Wheatfield StreetBB1 4NX  January 1980
Whitebirk DriveBB1 3HT  October 1984
Wilpshire RoadBB1 4AHNew Inns Barn January 1980
Wilpshire RoadBB1 4AHClose Nook Cottage January 1980
Wilpshire RoadBB1 4AHLords House Farm January 1980
Wilpshire RoadBB1 4AHClose Nook Farm January 1980
Wilpshire RoadBB1 4ADBlack Law Farm January 1980
Windermere DriveBB1 4EG  January 1991
Woodside AvenueBB1 4EX  January 1980
York RoadBB1 4AE  January 1980

Listing by Post Code

BB1 3ALFrontier Driveformally PC for Appleby Street September 2018
BB1 3HPBlakewater RoadGreenbank Station October 2003
BB1 3HTPeel Center  October 1984
BB1 3HTArterial Road (Whitebirk Drive)  October 1984
BB1 3HTBlakewater RoadMarshall Mercedes-Benz October 1984
BB1 3HTBlakewater RoadEvans Halshaw October 1984
BB1 3HTWhitebirk Drive  October 1984
BB1 3HUBlakewater Road  April 1987
BB1 3LSAccrington RoadOld Mother Redcap Inn. January 1980
BB1 3NTPeel CenterCuryys PC World December 1996
BB1 3NUTrident Way  January 2003
BB1 4ABBlackburn Old RoadTan House Farm January 1980
BB1 4ABBlackburn Old RoadMickle Hey Farm January 1980
BB1 4ABBlackburn Old RoadWindy Bank Farm January 1980
BB1 4ABBlackburn Old RoadHeight House Farm January 1980
BB1 4ABBlackburn Old RoadMiddle Mickle Hey Farm January 1980
BB1 4ADParsonage RoadLower Hen Moss Farm January 1980
BB1 4ADWilpshire RoadBlack Law Farm January 1980
BB1 4AEYork Road  January 1980
BB1 4AGParsonage RoadVerecroft Shed January 1980
BB1 4AGParsonage RoadFern BankVerecroft BungalowJanuary 1980
BB1 4AGParsonage RoadCarfordRose CottageJanuary 1980
BB1 4AGParsonage RoadCapernwrayRock HouseJanuary 1980
BB1 4AGParsonage RoadBurnsideIvy CottageJanuary 1980
BB1 4AGParsonage RoadBecksideGlenettaJanuary 1980
BB1 4AGParsonage RoadBrooklandsHazeldeneJanuary 1980
BB1 4AGParsonage Road  January 1980
BB1 4AHWilpshire RoadClose Nook Farm January 1980
BB1 4AHWilpshire RoadClose Nook Cottage January 1980
BB1 4AHWilpshire RoadLords House Farm January 1980
BB1 4AHWilpshire RoadNew Inns Barn January 1980
BB1 4AJLee Lane  January 1980
BB1 4ALHarwood RoadNorden Farm January 1980
BB1 4ANTottleworth RoadManor House Farm January 1980
BB1 4ANTottleworth Road  January 1980
BB1 4APCut LaneCut Farm January 1980
BB1 4ARCowhill LaneWillis Farm January 1980
BB1 4ASCowhill LaneCowhill Fold Farm January 1980
BB1 4ASCowhill Lane  January 1980
BB1 4ASCowhill LaneRose Cottage Farm January 1980
BB1 4ATSidebeet LaneLower Side Beet Farm January 1980
BB1 4ATSidebeet LaneHigher Side Beet Croft January 1980
BB1 4AUBlackburn RoadWhitebirk North Cottage January 1980
BB1 4AWChurchill AvenueMoorside Farm January 1980
BB1 4AWChurchill Avenue  January 1980
BB1 4AYThomlinson Place  October 2017
BB1 4AZThomlinson Place  January 2018
BB1 4BHBlackburn Road 50 - 56January 1980
BB1 4BJSussex Road  January 1980
BB1 4BLEsplanade  January 1980
BB1 4BNGloucester Road  January 1980
BB1 4BPSomerset Road  January 1980
BB1 4BQCut Lane  January 1980
BB1 4BSBlackburn RoadTurrets2 - 48January 1980
BB1 4BWDorset Road  January 1980
BB1 4BXDevonshire Road  January 1980
BB1 4BYEssex Road  January 1980
BB1 4BZWestwood Avenue  January 1980
BB1 4DAHampshire Road  January 1980
BB1 4DBCornwall Road  January 1980
BB1 4DDChurch Street  January 1980
BB1 4DGSaint Peter Street  January 1980
BB1 4DHHarwood Road3 - 93 January 1980
BB1 4DJHarwood Road 14 - 84January 1980
BB1 4DLBrook Street7 - 5514 - 70January 1980
BB1 4DRHoward Street  January 1980
BB1 4DSNorfolk Street  January 1980
BB1 4DTArundel Street  January 1980
BB1 4DTArundel StreetSaint Peters and Saint Paul's School January 1980
BB1 4DULord Street  January 1980
BB1 4DWClifton Street13 - 5114 - 38January 1980
BB1 4DXLivesey StreetYork Mill August 1993
BB1 4DYLivesey Street 32 - 84January 1980
BB1 4DZHarwood Road 86 - 120January 1980
BB1 4EAHarwood Road95 - 125 January 1980
BB1 4EBHarwood RoadNorden View January 1980
BB1 4EDStourton Street  January 1980
BB1 4EECliff Street27 - 7150 - 120January 1980
BB1 4EFCliff Street3 - 214 - 48January 1980
BB1 4EFCliff StreetConservative Club January 1980
BB1 4EGWindermere Drive  January 1991
BB1 4EHConiston Way  January 1991
BB1 4EJDerwent Close  January 1991
BB1 4ELGrassmere Close  January 1991
BB1 4ENUlveston Drive  January 1991
BB1 4EPUllswater Close  January 1991
BB1 4ERBlackburn Road75 - 12958January 1980
BB1 4ESShawbrook Close  April 1985
BB1 4ETReservoir Side  January 1980
BB1 4EUBlackburn Road11 - 73 January 1980
BB1 4EXWoodside Avenue  January 1980
BB1 4EYChurchill Avenue  January 1980
BB1 4EZThornhill Avenue  January 1980
BB1 4HASaint Albans Road  January 1980
BB1 4HBHighfield Road  January 1980
BB1 4HDBlackburn Road1 - 7 January 1980
BB1 4HDBlackburn RoadThe Wickets 1-3 January 1980
BB1 4HEMary StreetMary Court January 1980
BB1 4HFStation RoadRishton Arms January 1980
BB1 4HFStation Road  January 1980
BB1 4HGHawthorn Drive  January 1980
BB1 4HGHawthorn DriveGolf Club January 1980
BB1 4HHAsh Close  January 1980
BB1 4HJCedar Close  January 1980
BB1 4HLBeech Close  January 1980
BB1 4HNElm Close  January 1980
BB1 4HPFletcher Road  January 1980
BB1 4HPPickup Road  January 1980
BB1 4HPFletcher RoadRishton Cricket Club January 1980
BB1 4HQWalmsley Avenue1 - 272 - 20January 1980
BB1 4HRSaint Charles Road  January 1980
BB1 4HSEachill Road  January 1980
BB1 4HTKnowles Street49 - 6552 - 90January 1980
BB1 4HTKnowles StreetSaint Charles church & School January 1980
BB1 4HUHaworth Street51 - 8930 - 64January 1980
BB1 4HWEachill Gardens  January 1980
BB1 4HXNoble Street  January 1980
BB1 4HYMary Street  January 1980
BB1 4HZHaworth Street1 - 492 - 28January 1980
BB1 4JAKnowles Street1 - 472 - 50January 1980
BB1 4JBWalmsley Street  January 1980
BB1 4JDWalmsley StreetWalmsley Cottages January 1980
BB1 4JDWalmsley Street  January 1980
BB1 4JEAlbert Street  January 1980
BB1 4JFGeorge Street / Bellow Back?  January 1980
BB1 4JGClarke Street  January 1980
BB1 4JHHicks Terrace  January 1980
BB1 4JJHenry StreetWillow Grange January 1980
BB1 4JJHenry Street  January 1980
BB1 4JNVictoria Street  January 1980
BB1 4JQEdward Street  January 1980
BB1 4JRCompany Street  January 1980
BB1 4JSMeadowhead  January 1980
BB1 4JTHawthorn Drive  January 1980
BB1 4JUOak Close  January 1980
BB1 4JWAshworth StreetDaisy hill Mill January 1980
BB1 4JWAshworth Street  January 1980
BB1 4JXPine Close  October 1987
BB1 4JYSycamore Close  March 1982
BB1 4JZHigh Street1 - 45 January 1980
BB1 4JZHigh StreetBridge House January 1980
BB1 4LAHigh StreetClinic (108) January 1980
BB1 4LAHigh Street 2 - 92bJanuary 1980
BB1 4LBAlan Critchlow Way  December 1997
BB1 4LDHigh Street51 - 157 January 1980
BB1 4LHWell Street  Unknown
BB1 4LJSchool Street  January 1980
BB1 4LLSpring Street / Mis.. Y.. t Lane1 - 75a2 - 14January 1980
BB1 4LLSpring Street / Mis.. Y.. t LaneSpring Mill January 1980
BB1 4LLSpring GardensBritannia Mill January 1980
BB1 4LNBrook Street1 - 52 - 12January 1980
BB1 4LNSpring Street / Mis.. Y.. t LaneColumbia Motors January 1980
BB1 4LPSpring Street / Mis.. Y.. t Lane77 - 14716 - 100 & Britannia HouseJanuary 1980
BB1 4LQHigh Street 100 - 156January 1980
BB1 4LQNorden Court  January 1980
BB1 4LRBridgefield Close  June 1999
BB1 4LSLivesey Street1 - 114 - 14January 1980
BB1 4LTSands Road  January 1980
BB1 4LUSands Close  January 1980
BB1 4LWClifton Street1 - 112 - 12January 1980
BB1 4LXShuttleworth Street  January 1980
BB1 4LYBridge Street  January 1980
BB1 4NADanver Street  January 1980
BB1 4NBCommercial Street  January 1980
BB1 4NDHermitage StreetThe Hermitage January 1980
BB1 4NDHermitage Street  January 1980
BB1 4NFHermitage StreetHolt & Paper Mill January 1980
BB1 4NGPark RoadPark View Nursery January 1980
BB1 4NGPark Road  January 1980
BB1 4NJChapel StreetChapel Flats January 1980
BB1 4NLHermitage Street  January 1980
BB1 4NLHermitage StreetMaster Barn Farm January 1980
BB1 4NNButler Street  January 1980
BB1 4NPChapel Street  January 1980
BB1 4NQBack Wheatfield Street  August 2005
BB1 4NRFielding Street  January 1980
BB1 4NSWharf Street  January 1980
BB1 4NTParker Street  January 1980
BB1 4NUWheatfield StreetWheatfield Mill Unknown
BB1 4NWDerby Street  January 1980
BB1 4NXWheatfield Street  January 1980
BB1 4NYParker StreetVictoria Villas January 1980
BB1 4NYParker StreetVictoria Mill January 1980
BB1 4NZTalbot Street  January 1980
BB1 4PAHolt StreetHolt Farm January 1980
BB1 4PBHolt Street  January 1980
BB1 4PDBurton Street  January 1980
BB1 4PEJames Street  January 1980
BB1 4PFBarn Meadow Crescent  January 1980
BB1 4PGHolt StreetPeters Row January 1990
BB1 4PHStation Close  January 1992
BB1 4RAPoplar Close  January 1983
BB1 4RBPetre Crescent59 - 65 January 1980
BB1 4RBPetre Crescent1 - 372 - 64January 1980
BB1 4RDMeadowhead Drive  January 1983
BB1 4REWalmsley Avenue29 - 8120a - 36January 1980
BB1 4RFMary StreetAlbert Mill Unknown
BB1 4RGPetre Crescent39 - 5766 - 124January 1983
BB1 4RGPetre Crescent67 - 89 January 1983
BB1 4RHPetre Crescent91 - 93 January 1983
BB1 4RJMaple Crescent  February 1990
BB1 4RQMeadowhead Gardens  February 1990
BB6 7LXLee LaneLidgett Hotel January 1980


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