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In May 2010 the Daily Mail National Newspaper reported about a woman who was going to blow up Rishton -

'I've got a bomb in my knickers': Hoax terror threat woman jailed after drunk call

Behind bars: Drunken mother Victoria Hosker sparked an anti-terror operation when she called police to falsely say she was going to blow up a town centre

Behind bars: Drunken mother Victoria Hosker sparked an anti-terror operation when she called police to falsely say she was going to blow up a town centre

A drunken mother who sparked an anti-terror operation when she called police to falsely say she was about to blow up a town centre has been jailed for six months.

Victoria Hosker, 26, dialled 999 as a prank, claiming she was a terrorist on her way to destroy the town of Rishton in Lancashire and a curry house.

She also said police should send two vans as 'that's how many it will take', before giving her own name when the operator asked who was calling.

Police throughout the surrounding areas were deployed to deal with the bomb scare

Officers were able to trace the call and when they arrived at the house, Hosker answered the door dressed in her underwear.

As police questioned her about the call, she laughed loudly and admitted to making the call, and then added: 'Yes, I have got a bomb down my knickers.'

At Burnley Crown Court, Hosker of Griffin Street, Blackburn sobbed as she was jailed for six months after admitting communicating false information with intent.

Judge Andrew Woolman told her: 'It has to send the message out to all people who might be minded to make such calls that they will end up prison if they are caught.'

Earlier David Macro, prosecuting, said the defendant made a 999 call to Blackburn police station at 1.24am on May 20, 2009.

Mr Macro said she identified herself as Victoria Hosker and told the communications officer she was a terrorist, had a bomb and was on her way to blow up Rishton and later a curry house.

Hosker sounded drunk when speaking to the 999 operator, but no chances could be taken and a high-level decision was made to deploy all available police officers to deal with the incident.

That left Great Harwood, Rishton and Clayton-le-Moors with no emergency response cover at all and there was no road policing cover or detective cover throughout the whole of the Eastern Division.

Mr Macro said officers rang the number the call was made from and only muffled speech could be heard from a man and a woman's voices.

The call was located to Parker Street, Rishton and police arrived there just after 2am.

Mr Macro said that when the defendant answered the door wearing only a T-shirt and underwear, there was a man standing behind her, also in his undewear.

The prosecutor said Hosker told police she was ill and her doctor could tell them why she had made the call. She apologised and said she was sorry for not having any trousers on. It cost police £879 in manpower to cover the incident.

Gregory Earnshaw, for Hosker, said his client had 'borderline personality disorder'.

But Sergeant Simon Lynch from Accrington police said after sentencing: 'What ultimately may have started out as a prank, has now resulted in Hosker having to spend some time in jail to reflect on what she has done.

'Her actions on the night placed a huge demand on police resources which were already stretched and I am delighted that the judge has seen it appropriate to give Hosker a custodial sentence.

'Making hoax calls is extremely irresponsible and members of the public can be confident that the police will thoroughly investigate any such calls and make every effort to track down anyone responsible.'