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The eggs piled up against the walls on High Street.

On the 19th May 1957, one of Rishtons minor disasters happened within the town. Travelling East up the High Street towards Blackburn, one lovely sunny May day, the egg wagon was travelling through town.

On its approach to the junction with Harwood Road, something happened to the wagon that day. As it approached the bend in the road, the wagon overturned, shedding its load against the wall of the then Rishton Clinic. (This was formally the Manchester and District Council Bank which became the Nat West Bank, and then a restaurant. You can read about the banks by clicking here).

Thousands of eggs were shed from the back of the wagon, spilling across the road, and crashing up against the wall, and underneath all of this was Ann Sheriden, just 13 years of age, buried. The force of the crash had tore off her dress under all those eggs, and a crowd of people started to gather, after the noise of the crash was heard around the town.

Robert Newell & Mick Bibby make haste with the booty!

Thousands of boxes of eggs were stacked up, and smashed up, but soon people began to realise that some of the eggs hadn't broken! People started taking home as many eggs as they could carry.... Most of Rishton would be living on eggs for the next week!

If people weren't carry trays of eggs away, the kids were using them for egg fights, the surrounding streets soon became covered with crushed and broken eggs in their enjoyment!

Julie also tells me via email, about "kids that threw them at walls, and threw them at each other, and more important feed Rishton for a few weeks.

The Police just wanted them out of the way so they could clear the road and reopen it, so they asked everyone to help, Her Mother made egg custards, lemon cheese, had eggs for breakfast (boiled, fried, poached, and omelettes) for weeks."

Later in the day, the recovery vehicle came and towed the overturned wagon away, and normality returned to Rishton once more.

Ann's recovery was fine, with no long term effects from the accident, and carried on growing up in Rishton.


David & Ann Sheriden.

Photographs taken by Edward (Ted) Hope, formally of Saint Charles Road, and supplied by Roy and Margaret Gregson.

Julie (No Surname) via email.

Wagon Removal
The egg wagon being towed away from outside the regal cinema.