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A long time Rishtoner tells me of how his house was haunted, it is up to you weather or not you believe him….

It was during the 1930’s and the first tractors had just been introduced to the nation, Rishton had some at the time, and a young farm hand named Barry was the proud driver of one.

One day whilst driving his one front wheel tractor (for that is how they were at the time) through Tottleworth Barry was involved in a deadly accident………..

Many years later in 1972 Mr Ken Walsh from 111 Spring Street in Rishton started experiencing strange phenomenon’s. Ken was living in the house with his four boys, Ian, Colin, David, and Andrew, when things started to happen around the house.

It got to the point were Ken even had his bedclothes dragged off him during the night, and waking up finding no one there.

During 1992 Ken was able to see the boy, and saw that he was dragging something round with him, and was able to ask him his name â€" Barry â€" “What is it you want Barry” asked Ken one night, to which Barry replied that he wanted to come back.

The young boy was dressed in pre-war clothing, short pants, and his stockings turned up as was the order of the day then. “What do you mean” asked Ken, “You want to come Back?” “Aye” said the lad and told Ken of his gruesome death on his tractor….

Finally poor Ken could take no more, and he called in an exorcist from Blackburn, Barry has never been heard since…….

There are many questions to be asked of this, Why did it take Barry 40 years to return, and what really happened to Barry? Who was Barry? Ands why did he want to come back after the aforementioned time span? Do you know the answers?


Ken Walsh, resident.