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Snatched from His Grave.


We are all sceptical in believing that which on the surface appears to be impossible. But when inquiry comes to be made into it our incredulity begins to waver. We have to ultimately give in and believe the evidence of our senses, because facts are stubborn things. Such a fact is the case of Mr James Henry Brogden, who lives at 37, Spring street, Rishton, a flourishing little town of six thousand inhabitants, three miles and a half from Blackburn.

Three years ago he was going to the grave with no slow or uncertain stepâ€"to-day he is as well as ever he was, and fit for the hardest work that may chance to his hand Such is the fact, and in an interview which an Express man had with him a few nights ago, he explained how it all came about.

His occupation is for the most part oat-of-doors, and some three years ago he caught a succession of severe colds. No end of evils spring from colds, simple though they appear, and one immediate result of Mr Brogden's chills was sciatica. By-and-bye he got worse, and as he went on he became worse still. He consulted doctors, but there was no relief for him. His health did not improve, and as a consequence he got into quite a desponding condition, and his nerves were attacked. When our representative saw him he looked as pale as man could wish to, and he was quite willing to tell the Express man all about his cure.

It was this way," he explained. I had tried no end of doctorsâ€"three of them, and four herbalists besides, but none of them did me any good. Well,, one day my brother came from Burnley. He had a newspaper with him, and in this paper was an advertisement which stated what complaints and diseases Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People were good for.

Then Mrs. Brogden took up the narrative and said, He was reading the advertisement over, when he said. Eh, lass, this is just the same as me! Mrs. Brogden continued to explain that they went home and thought about it. They had tried everythingâ€"doctors, patent medicines, and the hundred and one things that are always recommended by well meaning friends and neighboursâ€"and it occurred to them that they might as well try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills- However, it took some time to come to this conclusion. But they decided at length to try a box. and said Mrs. Brogden, "It wor a God-send." Of course, her husband was not cured by the first box. His disease had got a firm hold on him, and it wanted some moving. But he felt some benefit from the first box, and this naturally enough gave him faith in the pills.

He tried a second and a third box, and up to the present time he has taken the contents of eleven boxes with the result that he feels as well as ever he did in his life. "See," said Mrs. Brogden, "I got to quite dislike him. He would come home and row over nothing at all. He got to such a colour, tooâ€" first yellow, and then worse, almost brownâ€"that I quite took a dislike to him. He seemed to have no use in his legs at all. He used to drag them about as though he could not walk. Why, he actually spoilt one pair of boots in dragging his legs after him he never wore them out by walking in them."

"The wife used to have to hold me when I went upstairs," said Mr Brogden, for I hadn't strength enough to get myself up And how do your legs feel now? asked the Express man. Well, you may guess," replied Mrs Brogden. Only last Sunday he walked 19 miles, and he could not have done that unless he was strong. Then the good woman went on to tell of other circumstances connected with her husband's cure, for she is quite enthusiastic about it, and frankly admits that she is never tired of sounding the praises of the pills.

What with the worry she had through her husband's illness, together with his nervous attacks and her difficulty in keeping the house going out of her single-handed earnings, her own system got out of order.

So seeing the benefit he had derived from the pills, she started taking them herself; nor did she end there. for she gives half a one to her children sometimes, when her little ones require them, And if the pair of healthy-looking boys who were called in for our representative to look at were any guides, there could be no doubt that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills had left their mark upon them as well as upon their parents.

But Mrs. Brogden went even further than this. "I'm not-a bit selfish," she said. When I know of a good thing myself, I'm only too glad to tell someone else of it. And such is the case. When Mr Brogden had the first box, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills were unknown in Rishton. But not so now, Others, on her advice, have taken them, and have felt the benefit, and there are scores of people in Rishton to-day Who not only know what Dr, Williams' Pink Pills are good for, but who are quite willing to believe all that is to be said in their favourâ€"for have they not the marvelous cure of James Henry Brogden before their very eyes

"People could hardly believe their own eyes," , said Mr Brogden, when they saw me walking about on the high road to recovery. I was nearly in my grave, and Quite broken down, but I am all right now. and it's all owing to the Pink Pills."

"And," put in his wife, I'm expecting him to go and earn £2 per week now, and give me a rest." Whereat both laughed, and Brogden expressed his perfect willingness to do so if the chance offered. After hearing much more that Mr and Mrs Brogden had to say in favour of Dr. Williams' Pink Plls for Pale People, our representative went to Mr Parker, a local chemist, and there obtained substantial evidence of the truth of the Brogdens' experience, and also of the fact that others were now taking the Pills who had not known of them before.

With such facts as to the results of taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, there can be little doubt as to their extraordinary merits. The Pills are a positive and unfailing cure for all diseases arising from an impoverished state of the blood, such as Anasmia, Pale and Sallow Complexion, Green Sickness, General Muscular Weakness, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Appetite, Palpitation of the Heart, Shortness of Breath, Pain in the Back, Nervous Headache, Dizziness, Loss of Memory, Early Decay, all forms of Female Weakness, Hysteria, Paralysis, Locomotor Ataxy, Rheumatism, and Sciatica; also of all diseases arising from Vitiated Humours in the Blood, which cause Scrofula, Rickets, Hip-joint Diseases, Chronic Erysipelas, Consumption of the Bowels and Lungs, and that they invigorate the Blood and System when broken down by over. work, worry, diseases, and excesses and indiscretions of livtng.

These Pills are not a purgative medicine. They contain nothing that could injure the most delicate system. They act directly on the blood, supplying to the latter its life-giving qualities, by assisting it to absorb oxygen, that great supporter of all organic life. In this way, the blood becoming built up, and being supplied with its lacking constituents, becomes rich and red, nourishes the various organs, stimulating them to activity in the performance of their functions, and thus eliminate diseases from the system.

The Pills are manufactured by the Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, of 46, Holborn Viaduct. London, England (and of Brockville, Ontario, Canada, and Schenectady, New York), and are sold only in boxes, bearing the firm's trade-mark and wrappers, at 2s 9d a box, or six boxes for 13s 9d. Pamphlet free by post on application. Bear in mind that Dr. Williams Pink Pill for Pale People are never sold in bulk, or by the dozen or hundred, and any dealer who offers substitutes in this form is trying to defraud you, and should avoided.

Dr. Williams Pink Pills may be had of all chemists, or direct by post from Dr. Williams Medicine Company from the above address. The price at which these Pills are sold makes a course of treatment comparatively .inexpensive compared with other remedies or medical treatment