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Here are links to all the various little tales about Rishton, if you know any more, good or bad, Email me.

The Olympic Torch and Rishton. So what's the connection between Rishton and the Olympic Torch? Follow the link to find out.

Corona Virus. During 2020 the entire UK was locked down for the first time since the WW2.

The Cumbrian Shootings and the lucky escape of a Rishton Resident.

Rishtons Infamous murder on Spring Street.

Myths and Legends - Tall tales and the things we are led to believe in.

Snow Bound – Rishton with snow as high as a bus.

The Grand National – When Rishtoners’ won a bob or two.

Reindeers get the Sack – The day that reindeer were banned from Rishton, Surely not!

Kids Pranks – Read about how kids amused themselves in Rishton.

Commemorative Cup & Saucer – Does anyone know anything about this lovely cup & Saucer set?

Processions - For the Coronation of the King through Rishton’s Streets.

Haunted House? – Surely not? Read about it here….

Green Apple Millennium Heritage Awards won by Tottleworth

Festival of Britain 1951 Britain’s attempt to get things going again…

Street Art a traffic Hazard?

Cobbles Those things found in the back Streets....

Life Down Rishton Colliery A Tale from a former Rishton Mine worker.

A Bridge too Far? Is Rishton really a divided Town?

Foxy How a fox was rescued from a ceiling in Rishton!!

Lucky Punter How a Rishton lad almost won £35,000 on the horses. Find out how much he did win!

Booze Run How a barmaid won a charity beer race.

The Queens Visit to Rishton, why and what for.....

A ballad to Rishton. An old poem that has been sent via email.

Zippy the dog, a very lucky dog!

Mahatma Gandhi's visit to Rishton explained.

Egg Wagon Accident. The day that Rishton had eggs for everyone!

Boggarts and Witches.

Children In Need - What Rishton has done to help raise money for this charitable annual event.

Wandering Gnome - Read about the exploits of runaway Charlie who made the headlines by his disappearance.

Short Stories, Peoples short stories about things that they remember about Rishton.

Safety Awards - how a Rishton fella meet the Prime Minister.