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Manor farm round 1900

Manor Farm was the manor house to Tottleworth, and part of the Area of Great Harwood, rather than to Rishton. Owned by the Hesketh family of Rufford, they sold this and several of the cottages to the Petre family of the Dunkenhalgh estate in 1819.

The arms of the Fyttons of Martholme, formerly lords of the manor of Gt. Harwood and of Tottleworth in Rishton, were represented by three wheat sheaves.1

This picture was taken around the turn of 1900 and unfortunately doesn’t show Tithe Barn that is directly opposite.

The history of the Hesketh Family of Rufford can be found here; Hesketh Family History

Manor Farm

You may note that the window on the left has been replaced by Georgian window but the dripstone still remains. Unlike other houses of the time there was no porch.

The main building hasn't changed much even to this day, the lintels and building remain the same, although the trees have been removed from the original photo at the top of this page.

Manor Farm in february 2002

The picture to the left shows the farm building in February 2002.

The building has been split into two separate properties now, the chimneys on the roof being the easiest way to define the split in the property.

The barn across from the house will have changed greatly over the years and as of the year 1998 has been used as stables.

Stables at Manor farm february 2002

I believe this may be Tithe Barn, although I do not know the significance of it, I am sure someone will tell me!

The farm house has been split in to several houses now, taking the number 9 and 10, which A demolition order was served on the original cottages on the 6th June 1937.

Mr. R. K. Thwistlewaite was registered under the Milk and Diaries Consolidation Act 1915, to carry out the trade of milk purveyor at Manor House Farm, Tottleworth on the 13th October 1938.

On the 10th January 1944, J. Lucas applied for a licence under the Milk and Dairies Order 1926, to carry on the trade of cow keeper and retail purveyor of milk at Manor House Farm, Rishton.

Hesketh House June 1987.


1A History of the Parish of Saint James, Church Kirk, by The Reverend R. J. W. Bevan and Victor G. Palmer, 2nd Edition 1989.

Rishton remembered by Kathleen Broderick

Council Minutes