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5 and 6 Tottleworth February 2002

These two houses sit directly across from the cottages, and have lovely views over towards Burnley behind them, and towards Blackburn to the front.

The building on the right in the above picture was built during the 1980's. A new extension was put on the side of the house, which was only single story.

People may remember that there was a bench just to the right of these houses, were people would stop awhile. I seem to recall that there was something else there, as I am sure I played on a big stone or something when I went walking with my Grandparents? I may be wrong.....

Number 5 Tottleworth February 2002

The big stones mentioned above were used to hold the barrage balloon down which was being used to protect the English Electric during the second World War. These large rocks remained here till the early eighties when they were finally removed.

These two houses were used as billetts by the R. A. F. during the second World War, for the airmen to keep watch on the barrage balloon.

Number six is on the left, and shares the little driveway between itself and numbers 7 and 8. The driveway leads to garages round the back of the properties.

All three of the pictures on this page show the type of rough road that still runs through Tottleworth now. The potholes used to be filled in with coal ash from the fires, especially at Mrs Lucas's whose husband was a coal chap!

With the demise of coal, so we have seen the demise of the road as well. Repair is now left to the local authorities and with the area now being a smokeless zone since the early seventies, Gas and Electric heating have taken over from coal fires.

Number 6 in February 2002


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