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Built in 1754, much of the later development of Rishton occurred around this road. A tollhouse was sited near Whitebirk Moss but no traces remain.

Roadside inns include the Roebuck (1753), the Walmsley Arms of 1861, and the former Petre Arms at Holt Mill Bridge.

On the 12th June 1942, The Council Surveyor reported that the Divisional Road Engineer to the Ministry of War Transport (North â€" Western Division) had discussed with him the question of permanent markings on main roads in relation to Aids to Movement of Traffic, and informed the Committee that he had been authorised to arrange for permanent markings for the entire length of Main Road A.678 (Paper Mill to Whitebirk), and on all bends on Main Road A.6064 (Harwood Road corner to Lidgett), the remaining lengths of Main Roads A.6064 and A.6119 (Whitebirk Drive) to be painted as previously. The Surveyor stated that it was intended to use the "cats-eye" road stud for the purpose.

Tottleworth Road to Paper Mill attention was drawn to the work proceeding on this County Road on the 11th October 1951, and the raising of the footpath level, and that the time was opportune for the gas lamps to be substituted by modern lighting. Tenders were submitted as follows:

N.W.E.B.â€"£250 to include laying of the cable and the servicing of six lamps.

Metropolitan-Vickers, Ltd.â€"£34 per lamp, including erection.

It was Resolved that those tenders were accepted, and the work proceeded with, utilising the concrete columns already in stock.


Rishton Remembered by Kathleen Broderick