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HA to Z Index, Page H
H OccupationsOccupations starting with H.
H Recipes 
H. H. CormackOne of the first authors of a book about the history of Rishton, and school master.
H. Riley1901 -1902 England Professional
H. Turner1908 - 1909 England Professional
Hacking, DouglasMajor politician from Accrington who started his political career at Rishton.
Hall, MasonicThe first Masonic Hall to be built in Rishton
Hamilton, ClaireThe youngest councillor in the Country at the time of her appointment to office.
Hammerton, VinnyOne of Rishtons last ever weavers.
Hardware ShopsSelling parafin and tools.
Hardy Falconer ParsonsRishtons only Victoria Cross recipient for bravery above and beyond.
Hargreaves, JimAwarded the MBE in 2003.
Hargreaves, Joseph Kenneth, M. P.Served the Conservatives from 1983 to 1992.
Harmonic ClubThe former Hormonic Club on George Street.
Harold Trevor Baker, M. P.Liberal M. P. for Accrington from 1910.
Harper, JohnBorn at the Dunkenhalgh, he went on to become a famed architect.
Harper, John, Plans 
Harry AllenThe last working Hangman lived in Rishton.
Harwood Return WalkRound robin Walk to Dean Clough reservoir in Great Harwood and back.
Harwood Road RecA play area and football pitch reside on this park.
Hatchman, Jim1947 Cricket club professional.
Haunted HousesSurely not. Read about it here.
Haworth, KieraEuropean Disco Dancing Queen.
Haworths, EdgarThe former newsagent turned furniture shop.
Health CentreDoctors, clinics and our health centers are all included here.
Health Report 1925 
Health Report 1935 
Health Report 1936 
Health Report 1938 
Health Report 1942 
Health Report 1943 
Health Report 1944The health report for the town over the preceding 12 months.
Health Report 1945 
Health Report 1946The health report for the town over the preceding 12 months.
Health Report 1947The health report for the town over the preceding 12 months.
HedgingHedges round fields were once common place, this explains why they were used.
Height House FarmPossibly the highest building in Rishton at over 750 feet above sea level.
Henry Hynd, M. P.Labour MP for Hyndburn from 1950.
Henry Proctor, Major, M. P.Conservative M. P. for Accrington from 1933.
Henry VIHenry VI involement in the War of the Roses.
HeraldA millinium publication delivered free to every house.
HermitageOne of Rishtons oldest buildings.
Hermon-Hodge, Robert Trotter, M. P.Conservative M. P. for Accrington from 1886.
Heys, IvyHyndburn's oldest citizen at the time.
Heywood, Benjamin, M. P.1831 M. P. for Lancashire.
Heywood, James, M. P.M. P. for Accrington from 1847.
Heywood, James, M. P.M. P. for Lancashire in 1847.
Hicks FarmIt can only be that the street is named after the farm.
Higgs, Ken1970 - 1971 Cricket club professional.
Higher Sidebeet FarmOne of three farms that could be found at Sidebeet.
Higher Whitebirk Farm 
Higher Whitebirk Moss Farm 
Hindles (1) 
Hindles (2) 
HistoryRishtons involement in historical events.
Hoax, BombA bomb hoax in Rishton.
Hodgson, JosephRishton Poet
Holding, Michael1981 Cricket club professional.
Holditch, EdwardCompetition winner with a brass band.
Holdsworth, StaceyLocal swimmer.
HolidaysLocal holidays and some national holidays.
Holt Brickworks 
Holt Corn MillOne of the oldest mill sites to found in Rishton, where everybody has been swimming.
Holt Farm 
Holt ManorOnce belonging to the Saxons, a look back at Holt Manor.
Holt Mill DistrictThis is the area surrounding the river Hyndburn.
Holt Street RecAnother park big enough for a play area and football pitch.
Holt, James Maden, M. P.1868 M. P. for North-East Lancashire.
HomeHome Page
Honours List WW1World War 1 roll of honour.
Honours List WW2The World War 2 roll of Honours
Hope Street Cemetery 
House TypesDifferent types of houses found around Rishton
Human Habitation 18841884 form for unfit for human habitation
Hunt, Bill1934 Cricket club professional.
Hunt, R.1951 Cricket club professional.
Hyndburn AcademyFormally Norden High School.
Hyndburn Brook 
Hyndburn CitizenA free weekly newspaper delivered to every household.
Hyndburn MayorsThe Mayors of Hyndburn from 1974.