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MA to Z Index, Page M
M OccupationsOccupations starting with M.
M Recipes 
M. L. Jaisimha1969 Cricket club professional.
M. P., Edward Geoffrey Smith-StanleyAccrington M. P. from 1832.
M. P., Edward Geoffrey Smith-StanleyConservative M. P. for Lancashire.
M. P., Frederick Arthur StanleyM. P. for Accrington from 1868.
M. P., James HeywoodM. P. for Accrington from 1847.
M. P., Randle Joseph FeildenM. P. for Accrington from 1880.
M. P., Arthur DavidsonLabour M. P. for Accrington Division from 1966.
M. P., Benjamin Heywood1831 M. P. for Lancashire.
M. P., Charles BuxtonLabour M. P. for Accrington from 1922.
M. P., Ernest GrayConservative M. P. for Accrington from 1918.
M. P., F. W. Grafton 
M. P., Graham JonesFormer Hyndburn MP, serving the borough for 9 years.
M. P., Greg PopeLabour Politician for Hyndburn from 1992 to 2010.
M. P., Harold Trevor BakerLiberal M. P. for Accrington from 1910.
M. P., Henry HyndLabour M. P. for Hyndburn from 1950.
M. P., James HeywoodM. P. from 1847.
M. P., James HeywoodM. P. for Lancashire in 1847.
M. P., James Maden Holt1868 M. P. for North-East Lancashire.
M. P., John BlackburnIndependent MP for Lancashire in 1784.
M. P., John Hugh EdwardsLiberal M. P. for Accrington in 1923.
M. P., John Talbot CliftonM. P. for North Lancashire for 1844–1847.
M. P., John Talbot CliftonM. P. for Lancashire from 1844.
M. P., John Wilson-PattenM. P. for the North Lancashire division.
M. P., Joseph Francis LeeseLiberal M. P. for Accrington from 1892.
M. P., Joseph Kenneth HargreavesServed the Conservatives from 1983 to 1992.
M. P., Major Henry ProctorConservative M. P. for Accrington from 1933.
M. P., Robert Trotter Hermon-HodgeConservative M. P. for Accrington from 1886.
M. P., Sara BritcliffeThe youngest M. P. elected in 2019, and Hyndburns first ever woman M. P.
M. P., Spencer CavendishM. P. for North Lancashire, 1857.
M. P., Thomas Henry CliftonM. P. for Accrington from 1874.
M. P., Tom SnowdenLabour M. P. for Accrington from 1929.
M65 MotorwayMotorway 65 in the UK, and its passing of Rishton.
Magistrates Court, Blackburn, 1840The passing of a law in 1840 to form Blackburn magistrates Court.
Mahatma GhandiOnce visited Rishton during a tour of the UK Weaving Mills.
Major Henry Proctor, M. P.Conservative M. P. for Accrington from 1933.
Male RishtonersA list of Male people from Rishton.
Manchester BankLater to become the Nat West Bank.
Mannex Directory 1854Only an introduction to the town existed in this edition.
Mannex Directory 1868The introduction, business listing, and farmers from the 1868 edition of the Mannex directory.
Manor FarmHesketh house, or Manor farm.
Manor House FarmOne of the farms in Tottleworth.
Manor of HoltOnce belonging to the Saxons, a look back at Holt Manor.
Map from SatelliteSatellite View of Rishton from 1989
Map IndexAll the maps I have so far for Rishton.
Map of Rishton 1896District map of Rishton from 1896.
Map of Rishton, 1610Speeds Map of Rishton 1610.
Map of Rishton, 1786Yates Map of Rishton 1786.
Map of Rishton, 1795A town map of Rishton from 1795.
Map of Rishton, 1818Greenwoods Rishton Map 1818
Map of Rishton, 1829Hennets Map of Rishton 1829
Map of Rishton, 18441844 Map of Rishton.
Map of Rishton, 1848My personal favourite. Lots of detail.
Map of Rishton, 18911891 Town Map of Rishton.
Map of Rishton, 19031903 Map of Rishton.
Map of Rishton, 19091909 Ordinance Survey Map.
Map of Rishton, 1911Map of Rishton in 1911.
Map of Rishton, 1924Rishton in 1924.
Map of Rishton, 1935 1935 South East Map of Rishton.
Map of Rishton, 1959Rishton Street Plan 1959.
Map of Rishton, 1970Rishton Street Map 1970.
Map of Rishton, 19721972 Street Map of Rishton.
Map of Rishton, 20072007 Map of Rishton.
Map of the BoundaryA hand drawn picture of Rishton’s Boundary.
Maple Crescent 
Maple Crescent ParkAs part of the South Side estate, a new park was built.
Marsden, ErnestBorn on Hermitage Street, he went on to discover the nucleus of the atom.
Marsdens, Ernest PressThe press releases for the unveiling of the blue plaque.
Martial ArtsMartial arts in the town.
Martin DobsonOne time Burnley and Everton footballer, and played for England under Sir Alf Ramsey.
Mary Street MethodistsMary Street Methodist served both as a school and Church.
Masonic HallThe first Masonic Hall to be built in Rishton
Master Barn Farm 
Mayors of HyndburnThe Mayors of Hyndburn from 1974.
McArdle, Brendan1980 Cricket club professional.
Meadowhead Drive 
Meadowhead Gardens 
Meadowhead PitSituated canalside, this pit also supplied the clay for Holt Brick Works.
Meal TimesWhat time should you have your meals at?
Meaning of PaulThe meaning of Paul, the name, not the person.
MeasuresHow do you measure? Find out all about measurements.
MedievalMedieval times in Rishton bring Lords of Manors from 1400.
Melville, Paul1978 Cricket club professional.
Members BookThe Free Gardeners Members book 1942 to 1953.
Memorial, WarRishtons War Memorial to fallen Heroes.
Memorial, War, ConservativeThe War memorial in the Conservative Club.
Merritt, Bill1932 - 1933 Cricket club professional.
Metcalfe, BobOne of Rishtons Accrington Pals.
Methodist ChurchThe history of the Methodists Church, (For the School, see the SCHOOLS section)
Methodist Recipes 1968Rishton Methodists Cookbook from 1968.
Methodist SchoolHistory of both the old and school.
Methodists School Class 19281928 Weslyan Class photo.
Methodists, Mary StreetMary Street Methodist served both as a school and Church.
Methodists, School StAnother Methodist school was also on School
Methodists, United Free ChurchThe United Methodists Free Church on School Street.
Michael Holding1981 Cricket club professional.
Michael van Vuuren1985 Cricket club professional.
Mickle Hey, North 
Middle Mickle Hey 
Midland HSBC BankThe Midland bank, which was taken over by HSBC.
Mignon, Edward1912 - 1915 Cricket club professional.
MilkmenWhatever happened to the milkman?
Mill GalleryA Collection of Pictures of Rishtons Mills.
Millennium MurderMurder in Rishton in the Millennium.
Mills WalkTake a stroll round Rishton and see all the locations of the mills that Rishton once had, plus more.
Mills, OtherSmaller mills where also created in Rishton, these are some of the known ones.
Mines, Coal 
Mining AccidentsCoal mining accidents recorded across all of the Rishton coal sites.
Minster Mill 
Miscellaneous ItemsItems that do not have a section they can fit in.
Missing GnomeRead about the exploits of runaway Charlie who made the headlines by his disappearance.
Mission, Saint AndrewsDiscover Saint Andrews Mission in Rishton.
Mitchell Family 
Mohammed Azharuddin1988 Cricket club professional.
Moorside Farm 
Morden WorksFound at Whitebirk
MortuaryThe dead center of Rishton.
Mother Redcap FarmThe former farm on Accrington Road.
Mother Redcap, OldSituated next to the former Recap Brewery.
Mothers Union Syllibus 1963 
Motor Bodies, PlantsMaking coachworks and wagon bodies for companies across the UK.
MPs for Rishton 
Multiple Choices 
Murder in Blackburn 1876The tale of murder in Blackburn that affected Rishton.
Murray Vernon1961 - 1962 Cricket club professional.
Myths and LegendsTall tales and the things we are led to believe in.