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The majority of the site has been designed by myself, but I have also used information and images taken from books, and other sources. I have obtained permission for using the material where it has been possible to do so, and where it has not been possible, I have acknowledged their names here or in the relevant web page.

I would like to thank everyone who has willingly or unwittingly contributed to my web site.

Web Site creators would like to express their gratitude to the following individuals and organisations for their help in the preparation of this work:

Paul Smith, Vicar of Saint Peters & Paul's Church, Mark Parsons, Mrs Winters, Allan Barnes, Mrs. Hilda Lucas, David Hill, Kathleen Broderick, M Rothwell, Gordon Hartley for Information and Photo's, Adrian Shurmer, Kath Ecclestone for the wonderful cup & saucer set, and the literature, Dave Haworth, Jane Hogg, Ester Sharp, and of course, all the people of Rishton that I have spoken to.

On a personal note I am indebted to Traci Moseley for her help and support, and the long hours applied chasing my faults on this site while sat at home on her computer over a couple of years.

I would also like to Thank Matt and Sharon Higgins for the computer support given by them both after the theft of my computer equipment in January 2003. Tireless hours and machine loans for the continuation of this site are only a small part of the support given by them both. Thank You.

Not forgetting of course, special mentions to James & Mark Parsons,  Eva Belch, Frank Belch,  Jane Wilkinson, William Wilkinson, David and Ann Wilkinson (Nee Belch) without whom I would never have gained the interest. Also to my son Garth Wilkinson, for his text reading (one way of educating your children!), and to Dean Wilkinson for their encouragement.

Web Sites:

Lancashire Hotpots (now defunct - http://www.lancashirehotpots.com/)
Staffordshire university (http://www.staffs.ac.uk/schools/humanities_and_soc_sciences/pgstudents/Barnes.htm) Web link no longer available Lancashire Evening Telegraph
Cricket Database

Captain Beecher's Grand National Site

Shell Interactive Website (Web page no longer exists - http://www.sbbc.co.uk/interactive/int22/p9.htm)  Official Grand National Site
Sporting Hero's Net Claret Profiles (Web page no longer exists - http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Track/6698/profiles/intro.html)
Lancs. & Cumbria Branch of the Institute of Physics Ernest Marsden in the Hall of fame (now defunct - http://www.phil.canterbury.ac.nz/HPS/halloffame/marsden.html)
Story of Physics www.old-maps.co.uk
Clayton HallClayton Le Moors (Web site no longer exists - http://www.clayton-le-moors.org/p13.htm)
Hothersall Hall (http://www.hothersallhall.fsnet.co.uk/history.htm) Website no longer available White Lady of Samlesbury Hall.
Churches on Line, Salford Archives (Page no longer available - http://www.churches-online.org.uk/salfordarchives/page6.html) Royal Mail Web Site
Boys Brigade Web Site Livingstone Boys Brigade web site
History of Cub Scouts web site43rd Birmingham Brownies Web Site (Now Defunct - http://www.newman.ac.uk/~c.m.gathercole/history.html
Girls Guides web site. History of Drystone Walling
Royal British Legion Website English Hedges
Lancashire Halls & Houses Website (now defunct - http://www.lancshalls.co.uk/Hyndburn/dunkenhalghhall.htm Debt of Honour Register formally http://www.cwgc.org.uk no longer working.
Officers and Men of the Accrington Pals (http://www.btinternet.com/~a.jackson/palslist.htm) No longer available. Records of the Canadian Expeditionary Force
the UK's National Mining Memorabilia Association's Web site. Cocking Family History
Drivers Technology Association Website. Safe to Travel Website
Kiosk Korner - a site on the history of the telephone box.

Rishton Christian Fellowship homepage

Book of Odes Manchester 1902

Estate Agents in Rishton (http://www.estateangels.co.uk/place/21866/Rishton) Website no longer available Russ Rowlett Decimal website
Public Records Office (http://www.pro.gov.uk/inthenews/Metric/Metric1.htm) Website no longer available Tony Clayton Decimal Coins Website

Rawcliffes Family Tree Website.

Eddy's Page Decimal money website
http://www.rootsweb.com/~englan/1642indexRoyalists.htm Chard Common Coin Names Website
War of the Roses Battles (Page no longer available - http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Cavern/5123/battle.html)

Henry VI Website (Under GNU License)

Lancashire Churches Web Site - http://www.lancashirechurches.co.uk/ No longer working

Knights of Stydd (http://www.trenchphil.co.uk/ribchester2.htm) Website no longer available

Red Rose of Lancashire Website Bank of England Website
http://www.phon.ucl.ac.uk/home/dave/TOC_H/faq.htm Web link no longer available

Accrington Pals Website

Moorfield Colliery Mining Accidents  (http://unseen.nlb-online.co.uk/textpages/moorfield.txt) Website no longer available. WW2 London Rationing.
Toc H Information Page Dig for Victory webpage
East Lancashire Partnerships Website (http://www.elp.org.uk/strategicsites/65central.shtm) Website no longer available. Cotton Town Website
Blackburn & district Blind Society Homepage (http://www.blackburnblind.org.uk/mainpages/rishton.htm) Website no longer available.

Rishton Methodist Rainbow Guides (Page no longer available - http://uk.geocities.com/Bluebell582000/)

Masonry Symbolism

Free Gardeners Battle Song Lyrics web site

Hyndburn Prospects website Free Gardeners Battle Song Tune Web Site
Online Newsletter Issue 10 (PDF file)

History of Free Gardeners website.

Lancashire League Cricket Web Site

Free Gardeners Medal for sale.
Environment Agency Website Lancashire Online Parish Churches
Rishton United Juniors Website East Lancashire Bird Watching web site. (Page no longer available - http://www.eastlancsbirding.co.uk/main/rishtonres.htm)
former Rishton Golf Club Web Site http://elpl.uk8ball.co.uk/town_team.htm - Rishton Sharks Home Page (Now Defunct)
Fletcher Robinson genealogy Page (http://www.fletcherrobinson.myby.co.uk/genealogy/web/all/allg01.htm) Website no longer available. Wingrove genealogy Homepage
Magic tricks Web site (Page no longer available - http://www.magictricks.com/bios/_vti_bin/shtml.exe/whoswhocd.htm) Miracle Mongers and their Methods.
Nom De Guerre Website (http://www.irregardless.net/realname/real_s.htm) Web link no longer available. Magic Tricks and Illusions Website
A Gandhi web site Bury FC Official Website

Twingewick Ancestry Homepage

Catholic Encyclopaedia
www.murderfile.net http://www.fireworks.co.uk/heritage/history.html
Murder Information and Research Lancashire History and Folklore (Page no longer available - http://www.geocities.com/kera2000_uk/)
Harry Allen Information Trouble at mill, Lancashire, dialect, recipes

BBC Drama Website.

Lancashire Monologues & Stories
Harry Allan Hangman (Page no longer available - http://www.richard.clark32.btinternet.co.uk/hangmen.html) Cotton Town Dialect page

www.royalmail.com Postcodes On-Line

Lancashire Police History Web site (Page No longer available - http://www.lancashire.police.uk/historysection.html)

Royal Mail web Site
Hyndburn District Towns and Villages Website (Page no longer available - http://www.lancslinks.org.uk/linkscontent/mycommunity/localcommunity/hyndburn/) http://www.imagesofengland.org.uk

Historic Trams Buses and Fleets. (http://www.historicfleetlists.org.uk/fleetlists/rishton1.htm) website np longer available.

Old occupations genealogy website
Lancashire Transport Web site. (http://www.lancstransport.co.uk/fleethistories/rishton1.htm) Website no longer available. http://www.blackburntrams.co.uk/ (Now defuct)
Rolling Stones History (http://musicstore.mymmode.com/artist.do?artistID=120134) Now Defunct. The Moods History (http://www.shindig-magazine.com/4mood.pdf) Weblink no longer available
Rolling Stones FAQs UK National Inventory of War Memorials Website
George Hull Poetical Website  

And most of the other links that are included in the links section of this web site.

Books (in alphabetically order):

Accrington's Public Transport 1886-1986 (Robert Rush, Landy 2000)

A Brief History of the Calder Valley Motorway, AJ/JEW/RO4.1 Pages 54 & 55. Published 8th March 1982.

A Brief History of Rishton - H. H. Cormack, 1914.

A Chronology of Accrington and Men of Mark, by R. S. Crossley, Published 1924.

A Guide to Rishton by Rishton Urban District Council (various years)

A history of the county of Lancashire by Farrer & Brownbill.

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POST 14: Inland mails organisation and circulation

POST 15: Inland mails organisation, letter books

POST 30: England & Wales minutes

POST 33: General minutes

POST 92: Post Office publications

Postmaster General’s Reports to Parliament.

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Rishton Remembered by Kathleen Broderick ISBN 187289542 – 5

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Turnpikes and Toll Houses - Ron Freethy


Primetime Centre (Brownies, 1st Rainbows), Gladys McLachlan (gospel Hall, Centre, Paper Mill), Olive M. Povey, Jim Clarke, (The Centre),  William Leyland (Cinemas, Fruiterers, 2nd World War, Meadowhead Pit, Piggery, Mineral Water Factory, Other Weaving Sheds), Ryan Godwin, Kathleen Broderick (East & West houses), Angela (Library), Maureen Cunliffe (Primetime), Keith (Scrap yard), Adam Doyle (Christian Fellowship via email), Derek Barden (Gospel Hall, Harmonic, Donshu Footwear, Daisy Hill Mill, Harmonic Club, Bob Walsh), May Smith, Tom Morris (Class of 1926 photo), Frank Watson (Class of 35, snow white 1938, 2nd World War, Rishtonian Paper, Rishton Football Club, Puzzle, Doctors, Fielding Street, Sands Road, Sussex Road, Rishton Ballad, 5 & 6 Tottleworth, via email), Carol Holgate (class of 1952, class of 1955, class of 1960, Johnston Family, via email), Derek Cheetham (Snow white 38, via email), Ester Sharp (Snow White 38, 2nd World War, SS Peter & Paul's School, Roebuck Inn, Rishtonian Paper), Ann Wilkinson (class of 48, 2nd World War), Jane Hogg (Class of 1972, Brownies, Girl Guides, 1st, 2nd Rainbows), Steven Boswell (1974 football team, SS Peter & Paul's School, via email), Helen D. Jackson (SS Peter & Pauls School, via email), Jim Schaefer (Chemists shops), Jack Sanderson (Butchers), Brian Moorcroft (Butchers and Slaughterhouses), Frank Pacynko (General Stores, co-op, Ice Cream, Bob Walsh), David Haworth (Conversion Pages, Haworth Family, Harry Allen, Derby Street, Over Bridge, Kids Pranks), Philip Hollywood (Toc H), Jack Wilkinson (WW1 Medal), Gordon Hartley (Coal Mining, Walmsley Street, Walmsley Avenue), Allan McNamara (Co-op, Hermitage Street, via email), Kath Eccleston (Ice Cream, via email), Great Harwood Appreciation Society (Ice Cream, Mineral Water, Tottleworth Docks, Martin Dobson), James Parsons (Parsons Printers, Rishton Echo), Mark Parsons (Parsons Printers, Rishton Echo via email), Mrs Winters (Class of 67, Parsons Printers, Westwood Avenue), Alan Lloyd (Allotments Society), Diane Schaefer (1st Cubs), Mrs. Hilary Knagg (1st Cubs, Scouts), Pete Edwards (1st Cubs), Patricia Styles ((Northwest Scout Archives Administrator) 1st, 2nd Cubs, Scouts)), Merle Paul (Girl Guides), Tim J. Walsh (Westwood Park via email), Allan Presho (Free Gardeners Club Secretary), John Christopher Lynch (Roebuck, via email), Sandra Barlow (Rishton Football Club via email), Steve Clarke (Blackburn and District Football Handbook 1982 - 83), John Duckworth (Tottleworth Docks), Ian Fairclough (Tottleworth Docks), Neil Robson (Doctors), John Martinson (Greaves Family email at jpmart47@msn.com), Ian Pickup (Haworth Family), Mike Bull (Mitchell Family), Lorraine (Edward Holditch via email), Mary Wright (Fred Fielding), Mrs Gay Spargo (George Clarke via email), Mrs Hilda Lucas (George Lucas, 17 Tottleworth, Tottleworth Map), Eric Nield (Harry Allen), Ken Connaghan (Harry Allen), Allen Barnes (Walter Barnes), Keith Sanderson (Fielding Street), Rishton Prospects (Top O th Heights), Barry Smith (Barnston), Linda & Helen Goodwin (Web Recipes), David & Ann Sheriden (Egg Accident), Ken Walsh (Haunted Houses), David Hill (Grand National), Kathleen Ecclestone (Kids Pranks, cup and saucer set), Jack Sanderson (Canal Bridges), Pat Dodd (Meadowhead and Meadowhead Gardens).


Lancashire Evening Telegraph (various dates)

Rishton Echo

Accrington Observer (various dates)

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The Rishtonian Newspaper, Volume 1 - 13, Volume 1 - 8.

Star Delph visitation leaflet, 20th December 2002.

6th May, 1911, Blackburn Times, 11th January, 1936.

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Edward (Ted) Hope, formally of Saint Charles Road, and supplied by Roy and Margaret Gregson (Egg Accident, Rishton Pit, & others), Lancashire County Council Turnpikes History. (Turnpikes).


Will of James Hoyle of Great Harwood 1767, Lancashire Record Office, WCW/1767/Hoyle, James.

Old Receipt for funeral expenses, 1920's.

Deeds to 58 Hermitage Street, 117 Hermitage Street

Sources - a brief note

Lancashire Record Office

Rates, Poor Law material, valuations, minutes etc of Rishton Local Board, Material deposited by Capt., C. B. Petre, O. S. Maps.

Preston Library (Harris)

Files of the Preston Guardian.

Rishton Library

Just about every scrap of information that the library had! Including Council Minutes, various books mentioned elsewhere, pictures, maps, and photos.

Blackburn & Accrington Libraries

Blackburn Newspapers, 1793 to present, Trade Directories, Accrington Newspaper Files, Trade Directories, Census Returns, Whittaker Business Archive, O. S. Maps, miscellaneous items in the local collection.

Manchester Library

Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers' Directories, Skinner's Cotton Trade Directories.

Mining Records Office

Abandonment files and plans, Rishton and Church Collieries.

Hyndburn Borough Council

Deeds, plans, aerial photographs.

Public Record Office

Files of limited companies, Reports of Mining Inspectorate.

Dunkenhalgh Estate Office

Rental Books.