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Thank you to everyone that has visited this website since 1996. Your emails, posts, information, pictures, and comments are all greatly appreciated.

Sadly, this site cannot survive through the pure happiness that it brings to thousands of people around the round. The costs of running, and expanding the site to make it even better are getting beyond the means of myself.

I am very grateful to the people that have helped out financially over the years,  without them, this site would have long since disappeared, so I am now grateful for the chance to give everyone the opportunity to contribute.

The future aims of this site include having a live web camera, so every one can see what the town now looks like LIVE, better equipment for converting video files to go online for people to watch, and more multimedia. None of this is currently possible with the equipment available.

This website also buys items of historical value, in the hope that one day, all these items can be displayed publically, in a tourist information centre for Rishton, or museum type building. Again, many contributions like this have already been received, and new items are always welcome.

A list of contributors will appear on this page if they wish their names to appear.

Any queries or questions can be emailed to me using the red "CONTACT US" button at the top of this page.

How to Contribute.

Simply follow the PayPal instructions, or email me for my postal address, if you wish to send a cheque.

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