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January 2003                 


TOCframe menu, link fixed Done

Toilets, Garages & Allotments, Baptist Church, 1936 - 37 Council minutes WW1,

Rishton Colliery, Master Barn Farm, New Barn Farm, Eachill Farm, War Memorial, corrected page title Done

Labour exchange, new info Done

Library, new info Done

Chippys, new info Done

Industry menu, new links Done

Power Station, new info Done

Pits menu, new info Done

Wellington Mill, new info Done

James Street garage, corrected page title Done

Cut Wood Park, new info Done

Brownies, corrected page title Done

Peel Centre, corrected page title Done

1st Rainbow Guides, corrected page title Done

2nd Rainbow Guides, corrected page title Done

Walks page, new links Done

Cricket, links fixed Done

People Menu, new links Done

Joesph Baron, link removed Done

Bob Walsh, new info Done

John Bray, new info Done

Walter Barnes, new info Done

Haworth family, new picture and info Done

Hermitage Street, new info Done

Fielding Street, new info Done

Butler Street, new info Done

Knowles Street, new info Done

Ashworth Street, changed page layout Done

High Street, new info Done

Commercial Street, new info Done

Bridgefield Close, new info Done

Allan Critchlow Way, new info Done

Arundel Street, changed page layout Done

Ash Close, new info added Done

Beech Close, picture changed, new info added Done

Cedar Close, picture changed, new info added Done

Elm Close, new info added Done

Hawthorn Drive, new info Done

Maple Crescent, new info Done

Meadowhead Drive, new info Done

Oak Close, new info Done

Petre Crescent, new info Done

Pine Close, new info Done

Poplar Close, new info Done

Walmsley Avenue, new info added Done

Popup window, new info Done

Photogallery repaired Done

Residents menu, new link Done

Gardners residents association, info changed Done

Buildings Menu, new links Done

Melenium gate in history new info and pictures Done

Lee Lane, new info Done

Dialect, links updated Done

Entertainment, new info added Done

Stories Menu, link fixed Done

Top O Heights, new picture Done

Suburbs, link repaired Done

Tottleworth, new picture, and info Done

Ambulance, new info Done

Telephoney, new info Done

Speed Camera, new info Done

Crossings, picture missing, new info Done

Web Utilities page, fixed broken links Done

fixed links page Done

A, B, D, F, J, O, P, R, S, Y Done

Acknowledgements, new links Done

Glossary, new info Done

Links, updated Done

Street Index, links fixed Done

Web Utils menu, link fixed Done

Web Updates

Web Stats Done


Message Boards in Utils Done

Johnston Family Done

Off Licences Done

Banks Done

Tottleworth Photo Gallery Done

Imperial mill Done

Overlookers Club Done

Brookhouse Mill Done

Chung Lee Soo Done

New Pad Footpath Done

Friends of Rishton Youth Done

Prospects Done

Moved Ghandi from Stories to People Done