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Here's some of the videos which have been passed to me so far, sorry about the quality, and I hope that they work okay for you. The files are in Mpeg format at the moment which makes them quite a large file.

Look out for links to these files with the Video Icon -


Hermitage Street 1960

Noticeable here, apart from the age of the car, are the number of shops on the street, the lack of transport on the road and the block of houses at the top of Hermitage Street which have been demolished.

Rishton Reservoir 1960

This video clip shows the old Rishton Power Station at Whitebirk before demolition, as well as a little bit of what the park looked like. Taken in 1960, the train which crosses the reservoir was the  first diesel multiple unit to run on the East Lancashire Railway.

Paper Mill Chimneys


The chimneys are in the background, note the flagged streets, and garages. Taken on Burton Street looking toward Clayton Le Moors.


View from Close Brow 1960

Most of the mill chimneys can be seen from this footage, as well as the lack of houses in certain places.

Street Procession 1960

for the Congregational Church.

Tottleworth Road allotments in 1962.

Taken from the allotments on the top of Tottleworth Road, mill chimneys can be seen all around in the background.


A typical Terrace Backyard

in 1962. This footage still has the coits standing and shows the old flag yard with random built walls. The film is showing the birds feeding.


Sunday School Anniversary Procession

June 14th, 1964. Walking up the lower half of Chapel Street.

Hermitage Street 1975.

Looking East towards Clayton Le Moors, the toffee shop is the main focus of this video clip, opposite to Derby Street. The shop is now a domestic house. Note the street lamps and just visible (I think) is the old concrete bus shelter outside the old co-op building on the corner of James Street.

View from Tottleworth Allotments in 1975.

A rather rushed video clip of Rishton from Tottleworth Allotments, this time in 1975. Fewer mill chimneys in the background, but nevertheless, still there.



Gorden Ramsey on Accrington Market

This video footage from UTube was originally shown on Channel 4 in August 2007, and shows a popular UK chef finding a new way to cook tripe on Accrington Market (2 miles away from Rishton). This video can also be found on the Food page of this website, along with other popular ways of serving tripe.



On the 20th July 2010, Granada Reports, shown locally in Lancashire, hosted their weekly clip of asking where one of their reporters was. Fred Talbot, that day was in Rishton. Watch the video here.

Christine Walkden

Gardening Celebrity, Christine Walkden, born and raised in Rishton, achieved her own show on the BBC. Excepts from this show, involving Rishton can be viewed here in two parts. You can read about Christine here.

Part One

Part 2.

The Colin Cooper Clock

Video footage of the unveiling of the Colin Cooper clock on Parker Street Green. Read about the Cooper Clock by following this link - Colin Cooper Clock.


Bridge Street Christmas 2002

A video clip of Bridge Street Crescent lit up at Christmas Time. The crescent raised money for charity by doing this.

High Street, Christmas 2002


Heavy Rain 2012

This video clip shows Tottleworth brook running high after heavy rain.

Canal Breach

In 2010 the Leeds & Liverpool canal breached at Rishton. This was the repair job.

Great British Railway Journeys

This excerpt shows the journey from Pleasington to Church, with an overnight stay at the Dunkenhalgh Hotel.

Wedding at Peter & Pauls Church

Outside the Church in  1987, my Nephews Christening.

Northern Soul The Movie

Released in 2014, the movie was part filmed in Norden High School. These are the clips featuring the school.

The Royal Train

In May 2012, the Royal train passed through Rishton station, carrying Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Charles.

Prince Charles was being "dropped off" at Burnley, while the Queen was returning home. Prince Charles later left Burnley by helicopter.

The Queen in Rishton

In 1968 the Queen passed through Rishton, on her way to the Dunkenhalgh.

The town was spruced up, with banners and flags hung throughout the town. My parents painted the front of their house, the only one seen in this clip with a painted front.


Spaw Brook Flooding

In September 1997 the culvert for the brook was blocked, and the stream flooded between the Recreation ground and the rear of Talbot Street.

This video shows the result.

Kiara Howarth

Kiara, along with her parents appeared on national television in the UK in December 2004. This is her TV interview.


Steam Train Through Rishton 2012

A rare occurrence at Rishton railway station in 2012, saw a steam train passing through the town. This footage was taken at the station.

The Watermen.

During 2013/14 A new water main was laid by United Utilities from Martholme to Mellor, via Clayton-Le-Moors and Rishton.

The BBC followed the progress, and made a TV series about it.

This clip involves the work in Rishton.

Where's Fred?

During the Millennium years, local news channel Granada, had a 2 minute segment during their evening news program to guess where their presenter was.

The presenter used was Fred Talbot, a former grammar school teacher, turned TV presenter, who started as a weatherman on the program. He was later to be jailed for sex offenses committed whilst a teacher.

This clip shows him in Rishton.

Juliet Bravo

Juliet Bravo was a ground breaking TV Police show, made by the BBC from 1980 for 6 seasons, and based in Lancashire.

The Police station was based on Great Harwoods original Police Station, and in the programme the Inspector lived on Lime Street in the town.

Various local locations where used throughout the series, including Haydock Laundry, and the English Electric in Clayton-Le-Moors. Here are a few of the location clips, mainly those of Rishton.

Clip One.  Juliet Bravo Series 2, Episode 3.

Clip Two. Juliet Bravo Series 2, Episode 13.


These are all original recordings and the copyright remains with Rishton Web site and the original owners.

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